Traditional Yet Contemporary Dressing for a Tamil Groom

Weddings are always grand and they are a matter of gala celebrations and magnificent affairs, which you’ve to attend. One of the most significant things and center of attraction to all the guests is the groom and bride dress at the Tamil matrimony. It’s like once in a lifetime moment to enjoy and have fun wearing those luxurious outfits and still feels confident. All weddings are different from weddings that take place in other parts of the nation when it comes to scale, traditions followed guests, families, dresses and ceremonies. When yours is a Tamil matrimony then you have to be very careful about your wedding dress especially groom.

groom dressing

Choose what suits you:

Grooms can choose the desired outfits for their wedding that goes well with the bride’s dress and both the families buy dresses for the wedding day. Tamil matrimony is larger than life event and celebrations along with that it is the most expensive affair of any person’s lifetime. The most significant thing for any groom and bride is the time they spend together in buying wedding dresses. There are different patterns, cuts and designs available for Tamil groom and they are also ready to experiment with their wedding look by trying new and latest fashion trend outfits.

Wear traditional yet contemporary outfit:

They can wear traditional yet contemporary dresses for their Tamil Matrimony. It is very important that they hire a fashion designer that will take a charge of groom’s pre and post wedding outfits so that there is no confusion for the groom about what and how to wear? Though, there are groom’s family members and friends to help in choosing the best outfit for the big day still it’s always advisable to seek help from the professional. Tamil groom on his wedding day wear simple kurta or shirt and dhoti blend with traditional headwear known as pag, which is red in color and particularly selected for the groom.

Wear a fusion suit: you can try on the fusion suit on your wedding day that is a blend of traditional yet contemporary look. You can carry a jacket and shirt inside with dhoti at the bottom. It will definitely provide you a fusion appearance that looks very chic and a blend of modern and traditional culture.

Try on sherwani: sherwani look simply amazing with little embroidery and motif on the left side of the chest and some embroidery is done on the shoulder part. You can choose ivory or gold color sherwani that matches with the attire of your bride.

Go for tuxedo: you can wear tuxedo on your wedding day as it will make you look handsome and your bride would go gaga over your dressing sense. This attire is world famous and adorn mainly by high profile grooms. Tuxedo looks very smart on men and gives them an attractive appearance. For more options you can hire a dress designer for your wedding and get the design that suits your personality.


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