How Engineers Make the Best Husbands

Dear girls! Remember that nerdy boy from your school, who was shy and scared of approaching girls? The one who was deemed as a teacher’s pet but suddenly became most popular as the exams approached? Well, this boy is now a handsome young man, a qualified engineer, with a great job and to put it all in one, a perfect life partner that all girls desire!

The past few decades in India have seen a sudden boom in the engineering sector. Parents want their sons to peruse engineering as a career for a safe, beneficial and secure future. Keeping the same thing in mind, it is no surprise that parents looking for suitable grooms for their daughters prefer making the match with boys who are engineers. Various matrimonial sites are abuzz with parents looking for such matches. Let us look at some points which prove that Engineers make the best husbands:

engineers wedding
  • Rationality: Engineers prove to be incredibly rational husbands. In a case of any kind of problem, they’ll listen to you, analyze and explain the situation and provide with the best possible solution without being bias in any front.
  • Confidence: engineers are incredibly confident human beings. They have been out in the world since a very young age, which helps in boosting their confidence levels. Hence, their decisions in terms of handling the home affairs are quite effective ones.
  • Financially secure: Engineers generally end up working with good government and private companies, which fetches them good money. Hence, when you are married to an engineer, you are sure to have a secure financial future.
  • They are Mr. Fix-it: From drilling a small hole in the wall to fixing a major plumbing problem at home, from fixing your baby’s toy to fixing the car, your hubby dear can do it all! Being an engineer, he has a knack of solving and fixing all kinds of hiccups that might incur in your lovely adobe.
  • Meticulous planners:  Engineers are meticulous planners, who will plan everything keeping in mind the minutest of details. So from building a new house to planning a family vacation, hubby darling will take care of everything. All you need to do is sit back and relax.
  • Great fathers: engineers are great fathers. Being out in the world for so long, they give their children the freedom to make their own choices and select their own paths. Moreover, they are the typical adventurous dads who will go to lengths to make sure that the kids are having a good time. They also prove to be great teachers who never hesitate in helping the kids with their homework.

Engineers undoubtedly make the best husbands ever. Being the perfectionists that they are, there is no doubt that they will go to any lengths to ensure a happy, secure and safe future for their life partners and families! So go ahead and look for your Mr. Perfect right now!


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