How Marketeers Make the Best Husbands

There was a time in India, not very long ago when people wanted only doctors or engineers as husbands for their daughters. Other professions were looked down upon, thinking that they did not provide stability and growth. However, with changing times, the perspectives also changed.  As more and more people started applying for other professional courses like MBA, people started realizing the value of career options like marketing. The testimony for the same lies in the fact that even after doing medical and engineering courses, the younger generation enhanced their professional qualification by doing professional courses, to provide more stability to their respective careers. Such change in trends can now be witnessed on various matrimonial sites as well, where a huge increase can be seen in terms of parents looking for Marketeer grooms for their little angels, keeping in mind their future. Let us look into how marketers make the best husbands ever:

Soha and Kunal's Wedding
Soha and Kunal’s Wedding | PC:
  • Job stability: A Marketeer has job stability. Though he works in the private sector, he gains a lot of experience in the initial years of work itself. With the IT industry and business booming, good marketers are always in demand. So even if there is a case in which he wants to hop jobs, he has got plenty of options in front of him which he can choose from for a better future for himself and his family.
  • Growth: There is a lot of scope of growth in the marketing field. A marketer tends to meet a lot of clients owing to the nature of his job. This gives him access to a lot of experience on the basis of which leads to his professional as well as personal growth.
  • Flexible work timings: Marketeers have a leisure of going to work late in the morning if the work pressure in office is light. Hence, your hubby dear won’t always be in a hurry to reach office in the morning, which eases your routine as well.
  • Monetary benefits: The companies for which marketers work tend to pay you well, owing to the kind of work and the position you hold in the company. Hence, most marketers are paid quite well, which ensures a comfortable lifestyle for the better half as well.
  • Work from home: Marketeers have the option from working from home as well if they cannot go to office due to some reasons. So if hubby dear is not feeling well but still has office work to do, he can do it sitting at home while you pamper him back to health.
  • Future endeavors: If in case your spouse wants to have his individual business set up in future, his experience in marketing helps him a lot. He knows which people to contact and which sources to tap to make his venture a success.
  • Good judge of human nature: a marketer tends to meet a lot of people in his area of the job. This makes him a good judge of people and a keen observer of human nature. Hence, he applies this skill at the home front too, keeping all the relations in balance.

There is hence no doubt that marketers make the best husbands. So go on and find your prince charming now!


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