How Marketeers Make the Best Wives

With changing times, perceptions are changing as well. Gone are the days when guys looked for girls who would be the perfect homemakers, taking care of their homes and families, while the man of the house went out to earn a living. Times have changed. Now people consider working women as a perfect match when it comes to tying the knot in holy matrimony. The number of increase in people looking for working daughter in laws on various matrimonial sites stands as a testimony for the given statement. But in the case of brides, this field too has certain favorites, with people looking  for bankers or teachers as perspective bahus.


There are still certain fields which are considered not very appropriate by some thinking that with such CVs, their daughter in laws of wives won’t be able to give much time on the home frontier. One of such fields that are considered not so suitable for girls is, unfortunately, marketing. However, what people don’t know is that it is this field itself which helps a girl become a perfect life partner. Let us break all myths in relation to all women marketers, and prove how they make the best wives ever:

  • Job security: though marketing is primarily related to the private sector, still there is a lot of job security, especially for female employees. They are given more benefits in terms of PF, insurance etc. as a part of their package. With the IT industry and business booming, good marketers are always in demand. So even if there is a case in which she wants to hop jobs, she has got plenty of options before her, which she can choose from for a better future for herself and her family.
  • Flexible Job timings: Marketeers have a leisure of going to work late in the morning if the work pressure in office is light. Hence, they can go to their office at a time suitable to them, after completing the home front commitments.
  • Work from home: The marketers have an option of working from home. So in a case of any kind of engagement and emergency, a marketer wife can work from home and take care of the situation as well.
  • Monetary benefits: The companies for which marketers work tend to pay you well, owing to the kind of work and the position you hold in the company. Hence, most marketers are paid quite well, which ensures a comfortable lifestyle for the better half as well. Not only that, a marketer wife is capable of running the house finances independently as well if the need arises. Hence, she is not only a support to the house finances, she is rather the foundation behind it.
  • Future endeavors: If there is ever a need in case of which the marketer women has to leave her job to fulfill other family commitments, she always has enough experience to start her own business endeavor in future. Owing to the nature of her job, she has the right contacts whom she can rely upon to start her own venture.

So there you have it. There is no doubt that marketers make the best wives ever. Here’s wishing  you all the luck in finding your perfect mate!


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