Tips to Marathi Groom for Best Wedding Preparations

Marriages are a big occasion and both the bride and the groom want this special day of their lives to go on without any problems. Usually, the bride takes on most of the wedding planning and organizing- from getting all her wedding essentials ready to planning for the various events, gifts for the guests, caterers and the like. It is important that the groom also takes interest in the wedding preparations and helps out in some capacity. We give you some tips on how to groom a Marathi groom for the wedding.

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Plan your honeymoon– Book your honeymoon much in advance. Discuss with your fiancée about the plausible places and number of days and things to do and book off the hotels, flight tickets and other things much before the wedding chaos begins.

Help with wedding preparations– Weddings can be a daunting task for those organizing it so you should offer to help in places where you can. Maybe you can decide on the venue, help with choosing a caterer, go with your fiancée for finalizing the gifts and cards and give your guest list for the wedding.

Book a pre-groom and bride grooming package– Like a pre-bridal package, salons now have a special package for grooms. They include facials, pedicures, manicures and some massages. This not only makes the groom looking worth a million bucks but also relaxes and rejuvenates him before the wedding. So ensure that you book a good salon for this and In fact both the bride and the groom can do this together to make it more fun.

Eat and exercise right- It is important to follow a good diet in life but especially before getting married. It will make your skin glow; you will feel good and active. Also, you must exercise well during the months working up to the wedding. Both the bride and the groom can enroll for some good workout sessions together to make it a more enjoyable thing.

Dress your best– Grooms also like to look their best at the weddings. The trend these days is to match the bride’s outfit- be it in the form of color, style or texture. So it’s important to go with your bride-to-be for the shopping and get the wedding outfit ready much in advance.

Sweep her off with a gift– You must think of a special gift for your bride to be given after the wedding. Surprise her with something that she had been looking for or get her something that you both would like to have in the house. Add a small love note along with it to make her feel special. Always remember- “a happy wife means a happy life”.

Registry for gifts– Most of the near and dear ones would like to give the bride and the groom personalized gifts. So you can help out your bride-to-be by making a list of essentials that you would want in the house after the wedding. This will make it easy for the guests to choose what they would like to gift you else you will get what you would not want or have inessentials.

Help in any form during the marriage preparations is good so it will be excellent if you can contribute in your Marathi matrimony preparations in a big or a small way.

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Simple wedding vs Lavish Weddings in Marathi Matrimony

Today, Indian weddings are a major event with a lot of emphasis on décor, theme, wedding trousseau and other paraphernalia. In fact, every pre-wedding ceremony is turned out into a mini wedding ceremony in itself and it is quite a task to arrange for the wedding. However, of all the weddings; Marathi matrimony is usually the simplest. But it finally, depends on the family to spend truckloads on it or keep it to the minimum. The main aim of any wedding is for the bride and the groom to have a good life ahead.


How to keep it simple?

The most important task while planning for any wedding is to decide the budget. Once the total money that can be spent on the wedding is certain then the allocation of the funds becomes easy. In a Marathi wedding, the main functions are Sakhar Puda (engagement), Kelvan (prayer of the kuldevta) and Halad Chadavane (Haldi ceremony) and finally the Simant puja ceremony. All these ceremonies are a simple affair and there is no need to spend too much on it.

You can have the wedding in a marriage hall where all the wedding arrangements are already there. This will bring down the costs as well as reduce the effort of looking for all the things needed for a wedding. These halls also have rooms or dormitories for people to stay.

The food in Marathi weddings is vegetarian, which automatically cuts on costs. You can further slash the money by giving the catering order to the venue vendor. They will definitely give a discount.

The décor can involve a lot of expenditure so you need to decide how much money are you ready to spend on it. Keep it simple yet beautiful. Use the seasonal flowers to reduce costs. Get all the family members to help in with the décor so there is no need for any outside decorator. Lastly, do not go overboard with the décor. Keep it minimalistic. Remember understated also looks good.

The big, fat Marathi wedding

Be it any wedding, it has now become almost mandatory to make it look like a scene from a Bollywood movie. Every bride wants to wear a Sabyasachi or a Rohit Bal outfit and have the wedding in an exotic locale.

You can also go the whole hog for your Marathi wedding and have a wedding planner plan out the wedding for you. Choose a lovely destination and doll up the venue to make it look like a big, fat, Indian wedding.

Décor and lighting can make any venue look beautiful. So spend time choosing the right theme and the color scheme for the venue. You could have different themes for all the pre-wedding and the main wedding ceremonies.

Marathi weddings do not have the concept of a mehndi or cocktails but going with the trend, you could add these fun events to your wedding. They will make the wedding more colorful and entertaining.

You could add a personal touch to the wedding by giving personalized gifts to the guests. Make a memorabilia of the wedding ceremonies and give it to all the guests at the end of the wedding. It will be a memorable gift and will make all your near and dear ones feel special.

All these things would cost a lot of money but if you have it then why not use it to make your wedding a memorable one.

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How to Choose The Perfect Pagri and Sehra for the Groom

Most bridegrooms put in a lot of time, effort, and money into selecting their wedding day attire. Not only that but careful thought also goes into what is to be worn at the bachelor party, shotgun ceremony, engagement party, reception party etc. Amid all this, a very important accessory that is totally forgotten about is the pagri (turban) and sera (decorative veil attached to the turban). Usually, it is left to the last day when one of the relatives or friends is requested to grab and get whichever pagri is available in the nearest wedding shop. It is only when the marriage photos come out that one realizes how mismatched the whole ensemble looked. Here are a few tips to select the perfect pagri and sehra.

maxresdefault (5).jpg

Choose the right style

Decide beforehand what you want. Do you want your pagri in the Rajasthani bandhani style or a plain color? Or would you like your head gear to be in gold or silver? It’s good to have a choice but experiment with all the looks before you finally decide to buy one. If you have enough time at hand, you can also get it coordinated with your wedding attire. It is not essential to choose a heavy material. Even cotton, muslin or silk will do if the color goes well with your dress. Remember you are going to wear it for almost 5-6 hours so it better be comfortable.

Customize it

Don’t just settle for what you’ve bought from the market. Try to think of what else can be done to complete your look. You can get the pagri embellished with a string of beads or an imitation brooch. A kalgi (a feather attached to a brooch) will look just perfect for the occasion.

Now for the sehra. It was traditionally used by royals to guard against the evil eye or buri Nazar. In the time it became a trend of sorts and now the bridegroom’s look is not considered complete without it. Choosing the right sehra is not a daunting task but some time must be invested to get one that is perfect for you.

First, decide whether you want to go for a sehra with strings of flowers, beads or one with plain gold and silver strings. The one with flowers will obviously be left for the last day, you don’t want to wear a veil of sagging buds. Next, try it on with the turban. It has to cover the right length of turban and your face. Once you have ascertained that the sehra is perfect for you also consider the fact that you have to wear it almost throughout the wedding. So weigh it in terms of comfort and convenience and how easy it will be for you to handle it.

Once you’ve chosen the pagri and sehra yourself, you will be surprised how confident you feel on your wedding day. So go ahead, put your best foot forward. Matrimony beckons!

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Grooms Applying Mehendi: The Latest Wedding Trend

The tradition of applying mehndi on the hands of the bride dates back to thousands of years ago. The practice is popular in the Indian subcontinent, Africa, and the West Asia. But what most of us don’t know is that traditionally, mehndi was applied on the hands of both the bride and the bridegroom. Its aesthetic appeal aside, mehndi was coveted because of its cooling properties. It was applied on the palm as it is an area of immense venal activity. Mehndi was believed to help keep any pre-wedding anxiety or stress at bay and protect the couple from falling ill. In the Middle-East, mehndi was applied by both men and women to cool off. The color that it left after being washed off was just an added bonus. This gave them the idea of experimenting with mehndi and making designs while applying it.


But somewhere down the centuries it lost its significance for men and applying mehndi got confined to the bride. However, even today there are regions in India like Kumaon where both the bride and the bridegroom have to get mehndi applied for auspicious reasons. In fact, the practice of both the bride and the bridegroom applying mehndi is still prevalent in villages and small towns. On the other hand, the tradition has come full circle and these days you can spot even urban bridegrooms sporting mehndi as the hottest new trend in matrimony.

While some bridegrooms want to keep it simple, others like to go over the top. Many bridegrooms opt for a simple solid spot on the palm while others like to only color their fingertips with mehndi. For those who want design but don’t want to go in for floral patterns, there is the option of tribal art such as figurines or folk art motifs. There is also the choice of an elaborate bracelet pattern which you can customize according to your taste. Also in vogue are Arabic patterns that don’t interfere much with your masculine look. Alternatively, you can opt for a design on the lines of a tattoo on your forearm or the back of your palm. For a more playful look try getting your favorite bike tattooed on your forearm or hand with mehndi. Even better and romantic is getting your bride’s name written in mehndi.

While some bridegrooms say applying mehndi makes them get into the shaadi feeling others say they do it to express solidarity with their would-be life partner.

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How to Opt for the Perfect Mehendi Design for your Wedding

Wedding and mehndi go hand in hand. In fact, the very word Shaadi conjures up images of a bride surrounded by friends getting her hands and feet adorned with elaborate mehndi designs in happy anticipation of the D-Day. Just as choosing your wedding costume involves a lot of planning and thinking, a mehndi design too should be chosen with some care and thought. Here are a few tips to get that perfect mehndi design for your wedding.


If you don’t like the deep hues that colored mehndi acquires a couple of days after application, go for natural henna. The soft orange stain of natural mehndi gives a very earthy look to your hands and feet. Hyderabadi mehndi is known for its deep hues so order some beforehand or make sure your mehndi designer has a supply of it. Colored mehndi, on the other hand, looks glamorous and richer. You can even choose colors to match your wedding dress.

Expert assistance

A trained beautician will have ample knowledge of what is available in the market to suit your needs and style. So don’t hesitate to get advice from your friendly hairdresser or makeup artist. Chances are, they will guide you to someone well-informed about this subject.

Choosing a design

For a more emphatic and rich look go for a design that has more thick lines than thin intricate ones. Thin lines tend to almost become invisible when you scrape off the mehndi so consciously choose a bulky design. More importantly, take a look at the shape of your hands. If you want the appearance of tapering fingers, go for elongated designs rather than bulky ones. Naturally tapering fingers can carry off the simplest designs with élan.

Choosing the look

There are girls who love mehndi and then there are some who smirk even at its aroma. Those who are not really into mehndi can go in for a minimal design like sun and moon dots on the palm and solid fingertips. The look is traditional, modest and sober. For girls who worship mehndi sky is the limit. There are books and catalogs filled with designs to choose from, whether you want the peacock design or the bageecha (flower garden). For the not so feminine woman, geometrical designs are perfect. Then there is the question of whether you want both your hands and feet covered in mehndi. If you’re not keen on getting mehndi art on your feet, settle for the minimal altaa look. Traditionally, brides would step in altaa, a red liquid put out in a thaali by the door, and then walk in. It was the sign of Matrimony and a married woman. You can get this look recreated with mehndi.

Choose the perfect time

It’s always best to get mehndi applied at least two days before the wedding so that you can complete your last-minute packing and sorting with minimum hassle. Also, 48 hours is the perfect gap to let your mehndi acquire its full color. Be very careful about putting your hands repeatedly in water. If you must, apply oil before soaping.

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How To Arrange A Perfect Theme Wedding

The wedding has a lot of significance in the lives of the couple that is supposed to begin their life with new ideas and ambitions. No matter what it is, spending money for a wedding is the choice of many people but it is good to take the decisions wisely to consider the money well spent during the occasion. Planning for a wedding comes with lots of stress particularly if you have chosen a theme.  A majority of people have the intention to make their wedding day different than the rest of the crowd but you may not have to go over the board and spend money uselessly but it is effective planning that can lead to a perfectly themed wedding that does not create much stress.

  • Sticking to budget and time: A wedding can be made every expensive but you have to stick to a budget no matter what the theme of the wedding is and you have to add to the set of priorities that you have prepared from the beginning. Whether you have chosen a vintage theme or have decided to celebrate along the seaside, it is necessary to think before making a choice. Another aspect that you have to keep in mind for theme wedding is the timeline. Make sure that you have chosen a theme which fits into your schedule. It is important to choose a theme for which you have ample time to make plans.
  • Choosing quality designs: Although you have chosen a perfectly romantic setting for the wedding ceremony but it is not just for the sake of celebrations but the quality that matters the most. For instance, careful selection of flowers will complement the theme particularly one which is studded with a romantic theme.
  • Service of event planners: Most people prefer choosing event planners on the occasion of Shadi as it can allow you get respite from the laborious planning work. Make sure that the planner that you have chosen create an opportunity for you to plan a wedding that follows a particular theme. When you choose an event planner with a good customer service, you will not have the trouble to run around whether it is for invitations, favors or getting the goodies from different places.
  • Taking the challenges: Whether you have chosen an event planner or planning the theme of the Shadi on your own, nothing comes without challenges. However, the trick is to take the challenge with the best approach to make the wedding a complete success.
  • Checking the tools: Depending on the theme that you have chosen, the tools for events must be organized accordingly. During the recent times, the planners prefer to keep every data on the computer rather than in the manual system that was prevalent in the past.
  • Paying attention to details: Even though you may have hired the best planners in town, it is necessary to pay attention to every detail to avoid missing out things that are genuinely important for executing the theme that you have chosen.

Along with the planning procedures, you must soak in the enjoyment which is a part of every wedding occasion. However, you must never go on to an overwhelming situation which can destroy the actual spirit of the plan. The best thing is to add fervor to the wedding occasion with different ideas and a combination of themes.

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Tips On Choosing The Perfect Mangalsutra For Your Bride To Be

Mangalsutra is a collection of black and golden beads that are tied together to form a chain and along with a pendant, it is one of the most important symbols that is to be tied around the neck. Usually the groom puts it around the neck of the bride during the rituals of the wedding. In fact, this ornament is considered as one of the most precious for married women and it is something that she must wear for the lifetime. It also symbolizes the union of two souls and auspicious in more ways than one. Nowadays, you will come across different designs of mangal sutra and there are a lot of factors that can determine your choice. Keeping in mind that the colors of the beads must be similar, you have to make the right choice.

  • Knowing the budget: The price of the mangal sutra which is worn by the bride during Shadi depends on the design that you choose. Moreover, the price of the pendant is another thing that you have to keep in mind. The amount of gold that you want to include in the mangal sutra can also decide the price to a great extent.
  • Suited for requirements: You may not have to get swayed by the designs and styles that are prevalent nowadays even if it does not suit your requirements. Keeping in mind that you will have to wear this piece of ornament every day, it is good to buy something which is lightweight. In other words, comfort is one of the major factors that you must keep in mind while buying mangal sutra for the wedding. However, you can choose a pendant which has an intricate design and keeps the basic design as simple as possible.
  • Design and length of the chain: It is not only the design of the pendant but the length of the chain that lends the beauty to it. However, the longer is the chain, the pricier it will be and you have to buy according to the requirements.
  • Choosing the style of pendant: The pendant of the mangal sutra may have different designs but you can choose to design a heavy or a lightweight ornament. Try to prepare a checklist of designs before choosing the final one.
  • Deciding the metal: Gold is one of the most precious metals and it has been traditionally used in mangal sutras. Ideally, women must wear gold mangal sutra during the occasions of Shadi but other metals are available nowadays. The best option is to explore all the possibilities before you arrive at a decision that suits your budget.
  • Authenticity and matching earrings: No matter you have chosen the mangal sutra well after exploring the possibilities, the quality of the gold must be authentic. In addition to this, you can always try to buy matching earrings to have a complete set of ornament that can be worn on different occasions after the marriage.

Buying mangal sutra is not difficult when you take these tips into consideration. The idea is to buy the thing that suits your choice and the budget. You need not overdo whether it is the style or the design that you want to choose although it is good to keep all the points in mind.

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How To Choose The Perfect Choora

Punjabi wedding is special for many reasons and choora is one of them and the ceremony that takes place is equally important. The red and white bangles that adorn the hands of the newly-wed Punjabi bride during the wedding which she has to wear for forty days in a row makes choora ceremony one of the most beautiful occasions during a Punjabi wedding.  In fact, no woman feels complete without these set of bangles during the wedding ceremony although it often creates trouble to flaunt them and manage them properly after the wedding. A lot of changes in the quality of the bangles have been noticed lately but following some of these tips can help you take better decisions while choosing the set of choora.

  • The material of choora: As choora is identified as the sign of prosperity in the newly-wed bride, it is necessary to inspect the quality of the bangles while buying them. You will have the opportunity to explore a lot of them in the local market and the most important thing is to judge the quality.
  • Know the colors: Choora comes in red and white colors but the shade of the white is different than the original. In fact, yellowish white is the color along with red creates the perfect combination during the occasion of Shadi which makes the choice more special. You have to choose the colors carefully.
  • Stone-studded choora: Some of the bangles in the set of choora have stones studded in them. You must check whether the stones are in place and none of the set is different than the other. The chances are that you will come across a variety of choora and make a choice can be daunting unless you have explored the qualities that are available in the market.
  • A place to buy: The place from where to buy the choora is one of the toughest decisions as the quality differs from one place to another. In a bid to lower the prices of choora, you must never go for cheap materials that might appear attractive initially but the color and the shine might just go off too early. Careful selection is the key when you have to buy choora for the wedding. Prior experience of buying choora for your cousins or other members can help you make a choice faster than otherwise.
  • Recommendations and referrals: Considering the recommendations of the other brides that have got married recently is the best way to begin shopping for choora during the Shadi which make the bride looks happy and is considered a symbol of prosperity. Fortunately, the best piece of advice can come from the least expected person but catching up with other married women can help you make the best choice.
  • Attracting the attention: Make sure that all eyes are on you during the wedding and the choora must have a red and white color no matter what the color of the saree or lehenga is and the choice that you have made.

Choosing choora for the wedding can be easy and difficult depending on the choice that you have made. It is necessary to keep in mind that choora is an important aspect of Indian wedding which makes it necessary that you choose the right quality of bangles to make your day special.

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Tips on Having a Perfect Bridal Shower

A perfect bridal shower is every girl’s dream whether it’s a love marriage or an arranged match or one made by Traditionally it’s the maid of honor’s prerogative to organize a bridal shower but these days, anyone, a close friend, a family member or whoever’s in charge can arrange it for the bride. While it’s more often than not meant to be a surprise for the bride, secretly she knows everyone’s hatching a sweet conspiracy behind her back and expects her family and friends to make it extra special for her. Here are a few trips to arrange a beautiful unforgettable bridal shower.


Ask the bride

It is very important to know what the would-be bride likes and wants from her special party. For this reason, alone, the party should be arranged and planned by someone close to her, someone who she shares her secrets with and who knows what she dreams of and expects from this bash. This will also decide the guest list, food menu and the time for the party. She may want a light gossip lunch rather than go for a wild dance, drinks, and dinner party.

Setting the date

A month or two before the wedding is an ideal time to have a bridal shower party. What has to be considered is whether all the guests can make it to the event on that day. It would be heartbreaking for her if a best friend or favorite cousin couldn’t make it to her most special party.

Deciding on a theme

The theme of the party may be based on what the bride likes or your own. Either way, try to stop and think about what may make her feel uncomfortable. She may find a naughty theme vulgar or a sophisticated party too tame. So think of a setting in which she and her guests feel at home and enjoy themselves.

Sending out invites

Invites for this pre-wedding bash may be a little informal and not printed on fancy paper. This is, after all, a casual setting to let the prospective bride let her hair down and share her fears, inhibitions, and dreams with some of the people she loves to hang out with the most. Even hand-written naughty notes can work as bridal shower invites.

Deciding on gifts

If it’s going to be a small gathering of very close friends and cousins a common gift is an easy and affordable option. This, however, is subject to the agreement of all the guests. A best friend may want to give a more intimate gift or a cousin may want to play naughty. Ideally, a bridal shower gift should neither be something too expensive and over the top nor something that reeks of cheap. Decide on a mid-range gift that means something to the bride.

No strict timeline

While you may plan how long the party may go on for, say two or four hours, it is always more enjoyable not to be very particular with what comes when. The bride may want to spend more time gossiping than playing games. Even after the party is over, the guests may want to linger and chat some more. Leave enough room for everyone to be comfortable and do their own thing.

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The Simple and Sweet Weddings: The New Vogue of Demonetized India

Believe it or not, the Big Fat Indian Wedding is facing extinction and it is time to rejoice. For, if the cash situation does not improve anytime soon we may see an entirely new trend of marriages that are more meaningful than pompous. Demonetization has rendered every household cashless and there is virtually no room for extravagant spending. So what do couples planning to tie the knot do? Go in for a low-budget wedding that’s high on sentiment and easier on the pocket.

Wedding Destination Manali

Only close friends and family

The single most important step that can cut down your shaadi budget in chunks is the number of guests to be invited to the wedding. So start striking out names from that 500-strong list. You’ll be surprised how many you can strike off in one go. A small number of guests will lend a warmth and intimacy to the event and make it memorable. Raj and Neeta, who recently got married, did the same. They met on and by the time their families got to know each other the duo had decided to invite no more than 20 people to their wedding. After some protests, the families gave in and needless to say, the wedding was a huge success with both the sides focusing more on being happy rather than arranging things.

Smaller ceremonies

Cut down the number of days from a week to two days and see the magic happen. Most new age couples do not have the time for week-long celebrations so this may not be that hard to do. Both, the bride’s and the groom’s family can organize a combined pre-wedding Ladies’ Sangeet at one of their homes and a wedding dinner the day after. Sounds perfect.

Go for registered marriage

With almost no cash in hand wedding, halls and grounds are out of bounds. So it’s back to marrying off the bride from home. It won’t be that tough if there are only a handful of guests. The wedding mantras will carry a whole new meaning when only the people you actually care for are there to attend the ceremony. The names you struck off the list would only have been there for the food. Better still, go for registered marriage and then invite a few guests over to your new house for dinner.

The bare look is in

Brides have been known to wear artificial jewelry on their wedding day to match their ensemble. As regards the gift of gold, an engagement ring is sufficient. I mean, who wears heavy gold jewelry these days? This may also help ward off any greedy grooms and their families.


Haven’t we all wondered at some point what use was the expensive clothes bought at the time of getting married? We never wear them more than once and then think of ways of giving them away. So this may just be the time to say goodbye to silk and brocade trousseau and instead invest in clothes that are going to be worn every day.

For all, we know demonetization may be better for the wedding season than we imagine. For a start, it might just take the stress out of getting married and focus more on spending quality time with friends and family. So where then is the need for wads of notes?

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