The Simple and Sweet Weddings: The New Vogue of Demonetized India

Believe it or not, the Big Fat Indian Wedding is facing extinction and it is time to rejoice. For, if the cash situation does not improve anytime soon we may see an entirely new trend of marriages that are more meaningful than pompous. Demonetization has rendered every household cashless and there is virtually no room for extravagant spending. So what do couples planning to tie the knot do? Go in for a low-budget wedding that’s high on sentiment and easier on the pocket.

Wedding Destination Manali

Only close friends and family

The single most important step that can cut down your shaadi budget in chunks is the number of guests to be invited to the wedding. So start striking out names from that 500-strong list. You’ll be surprised how many you can strike off in one go. A small number of guests will lend a warmth and intimacy to the event and make it memorable. Raj and Neeta, who recently got married, did the same. They met on and by the time their families got to know each other the duo had decided to invite no more than 20 people to their wedding. After some protests, the families gave in and needless to say, the wedding was a huge success with both the sides focusing more on being happy rather than arranging things.

Smaller ceremonies

Cut down the number of days from a week to two days and see the magic happen. Most new age couples do not have the time for week-long celebrations so this may not be that hard to do. Both, the bride’s and the groom’s family can organize a combined pre-wedding Ladies’ Sangeet at one of their homes and a wedding dinner the day after. Sounds perfect.

Go for registered marriage

With almost no cash in hand wedding, halls and grounds are out of bounds. So it’s back to marrying off the bride from home. It won’t be that tough if there are only a handful of guests. The wedding mantras will carry a whole new meaning when only the people you actually care for are there to attend the ceremony. The names you struck off the list would only have been there for the food. Better still, go for registered marriage and then invite a few guests over to your new house for dinner.

The bare look is in

Brides have been known to wear artificial jewelry on their wedding day to match their ensemble. As regards the gift of gold, an engagement ring is sufficient. I mean, who wears heavy gold jewelry these days? This may also help ward off any greedy grooms and their families.


Haven’t we all wondered at some point what use was the expensive clothes bought at the time of getting married? We never wear them more than once and then think of ways of giving them away. So this may just be the time to say goodbye to silk and brocade trousseau and instead invest in clothes that are going to be worn every day.

For all, we know demonetization may be better for the wedding season than we imagine. For a start, it might just take the stress out of getting married and focus more on spending quality time with friends and family. So where then is the need for wads of notes?

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