Tips on Having a Perfect Bridal Shower

A perfect bridal shower is every girl’s dream whether it’s a love marriage or an arranged match or one made by Traditionally it’s the maid of honor’s prerogative to organize a bridal shower but these days, anyone, a close friend, a family member or whoever’s in charge can arrange it for the bride. While it’s more often than not meant to be a surprise for the bride, secretly she knows everyone’s hatching a sweet conspiracy behind her back and expects her family and friends to make it extra special for her. Here are a few trips to arrange a beautiful unforgettable bridal shower.


Ask the bride

It is very important to know what the would-be bride likes and wants from her special party. For this reason, alone, the party should be arranged and planned by someone close to her, someone who she shares her secrets with and who knows what she dreams of and expects from this bash. This will also decide the guest list, food menu and the time for the party. She may want a light gossip lunch rather than go for a wild dance, drinks, and dinner party.

Setting the date

A month or two before the wedding is an ideal time to have a bridal shower party. What has to be considered is whether all the guests can make it to the event on that day. It would be heartbreaking for her if a best friend or favorite cousin couldn’t make it to her most special party.

Deciding on a theme

The theme of the party may be based on what the bride likes or your own. Either way, try to stop and think about what may make her feel uncomfortable. She may find a naughty theme vulgar or a sophisticated party too tame. So think of a setting in which she and her guests feel at home and enjoy themselves.

Sending out invites

Invites for this pre-wedding bash may be a little informal and not printed on fancy paper. This is, after all, a casual setting to let the prospective bride let her hair down and share her fears, inhibitions, and dreams with some of the people she loves to hang out with the most. Even hand-written naughty notes can work as bridal shower invites.

Deciding on gifts

If it’s going to be a small gathering of very close friends and cousins a common gift is an easy and affordable option. This, however, is subject to the agreement of all the guests. A best friend may want to give a more intimate gift or a cousin may want to play naughty. Ideally, a bridal shower gift should neither be something too expensive and over the top nor something that reeks of cheap. Decide on a mid-range gift that means something to the bride.

No strict timeline

While you may plan how long the party may go on for, say two or four hours, it is always more enjoyable not to be very particular with what comes when. The bride may want to spend more time gossiping than playing games. Even after the party is over, the guests may want to linger and chat some more. Leave enough room for everyone to be comfortable and do their own thing.

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