How To Choose The Perfect Choora

Punjabi wedding is special for many reasons and choora is one of them and the ceremony that takes place is equally important. The red and white bangles that adorn the hands of the newly-wed Punjabi bride during the wedding which she has to wear for forty days in a row makes choora ceremony one of the most beautiful occasions during a Punjabi wedding.  In fact, no woman feels complete without these set of bangles during the wedding ceremony although it often creates trouble to flaunt them and manage them properly after the wedding. A lot of changes in the quality of the bangles have been noticed lately but following some of these tips can help you take better decisions while choosing the set of choora.

  • The material of choora: As choora is identified as the sign of prosperity in the newly-wed bride, it is necessary to inspect the quality of the bangles while buying them. You will have the opportunity to explore a lot of them in the local market and the most important thing is to judge the quality.
  • Know the colors: Choora comes in red and white colors but the shade of the white is different than the original. In fact, yellowish white is the color along with red creates the perfect combination during the occasion of Shadi which makes the choice more special. You have to choose the colors carefully.
  • Stone-studded choora: Some of the bangles in the set of choora have stones studded in them. You must check whether the stones are in place and none of the set is different than the other. The chances are that you will come across a variety of choora and make a choice can be daunting unless you have explored the qualities that are available in the market.
  • A place to buy: The place from where to buy the choora is one of the toughest decisions as the quality differs from one place to another. In a bid to lower the prices of choora, you must never go for cheap materials that might appear attractive initially but the color and the shine might just go off too early. Careful selection is the key when you have to buy choora for the wedding. Prior experience of buying choora for your cousins or other members can help you make a choice faster than otherwise.
  • Recommendations and referrals: Considering the recommendations of the other brides that have got married recently is the best way to begin shopping for choora during the Shadi which make the bride looks happy and is considered a symbol of prosperity. Fortunately, the best piece of advice can come from the least expected person but catching up with other married women can help you make the best choice.
  • Attracting the attention: Make sure that all eyes are on you during the wedding and the choora must have a red and white color no matter what the color of the saree or lehenga is and the choice that you have made.

Choosing choora for the wedding can be easy and difficult depending on the choice that you have made. It is necessary to keep in mind that choora is an important aspect of Indian wedding which makes it necessary that you choose the right quality of bangles to make your day special.

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