Tips On Choosing The Perfect Mangalsutra For Your Bride To Be

Mangalsutra is a collection of black and golden beads that are tied together to form a chain and along with a pendant, it is one of the most important symbols that is to be tied around the neck. Usually the groom puts it around the neck of the bride during the rituals of the wedding. In fact, this ornament is considered as one of the most precious for married women and it is something that she must wear for the lifetime. It also symbolizes the union of two souls and auspicious in more ways than one. Nowadays, you will come across different designs of mangal sutra and there are a lot of factors that can determine your choice. Keeping in mind that the colors of the beads must be similar, you have to make the right choice.

  • Knowing the budget: The price of the mangal sutra which is worn by the bride during Shadi depends on the design that you choose. Moreover, the price of the pendant is another thing that you have to keep in mind. The amount of gold that you want to include in the mangal sutra can also decide the price to a great extent.
  • Suited for requirements: You may not have to get swayed by the designs and styles that are prevalent nowadays even if it does not suit your requirements. Keeping in mind that you will have to wear this piece of ornament every day, it is good to buy something which is lightweight. In other words, comfort is one of the major factors that you must keep in mind while buying mangal sutra for the wedding. However, you can choose a pendant which has an intricate design and keeps the basic design as simple as possible.
  • Design and length of the chain: It is not only the design of the pendant but the length of the chain that lends the beauty to it. However, the longer is the chain, the pricier it will be and you have to buy according to the requirements.
  • Choosing the style of pendant: The pendant of the mangal sutra may have different designs but you can choose to design a heavy or a lightweight ornament. Try to prepare a checklist of designs before choosing the final one.
  • Deciding the metal: Gold is one of the most precious metals and it has been traditionally used in mangal sutras. Ideally, women must wear gold mangal sutra during the occasions of Shadi but other metals are available nowadays. The best option is to explore all the possibilities before you arrive at a decision that suits your budget.
  • Authenticity and matching earrings: No matter you have chosen the mangal sutra well after exploring the possibilities, the quality of the gold must be authentic. In addition to this, you can always try to buy matching earrings to have a complete set of ornament that can be worn on different occasions after the marriage.

Buying mangal sutra is not difficult when you take these tips into consideration. The idea is to buy the thing that suits your choice and the budget. You need not overdo whether it is the style or the design that you want to choose although it is good to keep all the points in mind.

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