How to Opt for the Perfect Mehendi Design for your Wedding

Wedding and mehndi go hand in hand. In fact, the very word Shaadi conjures up images of a bride surrounded by friends getting her hands and feet adorned with elaborate mehndi designs in happy anticipation of the D-Day. Just as choosing your wedding costume involves a lot of planning and thinking, a mehndi design too should be chosen with some care and thought. Here are a few tips to get that perfect mehndi design for your wedding.


If you don’t like the deep hues that colored mehndi acquires a couple of days after application, go for natural henna. The soft orange stain of natural mehndi gives a very earthy look to your hands and feet. Hyderabadi mehndi is known for its deep hues so order some beforehand or make sure your mehndi designer has a supply of it. Colored mehndi, on the other hand, looks glamorous and richer. You can even choose colors to match your wedding dress.

Expert assistance

A trained beautician will have ample knowledge of what is available in the market to suit your needs and style. So don’t hesitate to get advice from your friendly hairdresser or makeup artist. Chances are, they will guide you to someone well-informed about this subject.

Choosing a design

For a more emphatic and rich look go for a design that has more thick lines than thin intricate ones. Thin lines tend to almost become invisible when you scrape off the mehndi so consciously choose a bulky design. More importantly, take a look at the shape of your hands. If you want the appearance of tapering fingers, go for elongated designs rather than bulky ones. Naturally tapering fingers can carry off the simplest designs with élan.

Choosing the look

There are girls who love mehndi and then there are some who smirk even at its aroma. Those who are not really into mehndi can go in for a minimal design like sun and moon dots on the palm and solid fingertips. The look is traditional, modest and sober. For girls who worship mehndi sky is the limit. There are books and catalogs filled with designs to choose from, whether you want the peacock design or the bageecha (flower garden). For the not so feminine woman, geometrical designs are perfect. Then there is the question of whether you want both your hands and feet covered in mehndi. If you’re not keen on getting mehndi art on your feet, settle for the minimal altaa look. Traditionally, brides would step in altaa, a red liquid put out in a thaali by the door, and then walk in. It was the sign of Matrimony and a married woman. You can get this look recreated with mehndi.

Choose the perfect time

It’s always best to get mehndi applied at least two days before the wedding so that you can complete your last-minute packing and sorting with minimum hassle. Also, 48 hours is the perfect gap to let your mehndi acquire its full color. Be very careful about putting your hands repeatedly in water. If you must, apply oil before soaping.

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