Simple wedding vs Lavish Weddings in Marathi Matrimony

Today, Indian weddings are a major event with a lot of emphasis on décor, theme, wedding trousseau and other paraphernalia. In fact, every pre-wedding ceremony is turned out into a mini wedding ceremony in itself and it is quite a task to arrange for the wedding. However, of all the weddings; Marathi matrimony is usually the simplest. But it finally, depends on the family to spend truckloads on it or keep it to the minimum. The main aim of any wedding is for the bride and the groom to have a good life ahead.


How to keep it simple?

The most important task while planning for any wedding is to decide the budget. Once the total money that can be spent on the wedding is certain then the allocation of the funds becomes easy. In a Marathi wedding, the main functions are Sakhar Puda (engagement), Kelvan (prayer of the kuldevta) and Halad Chadavane (Haldi ceremony) and finally the Simant puja ceremony. All these ceremonies are a simple affair and there is no need to spend too much on it.

You can have the wedding in a marriage hall where all the wedding arrangements are already there. This will bring down the costs as well as reduce the effort of looking for all the things needed for a wedding. These halls also have rooms or dormitories for people to stay.

The food in Marathi weddings is vegetarian, which automatically cuts on costs. You can further slash the money by giving the catering order to the venue vendor. They will definitely give a discount.

The décor can involve a lot of expenditure so you need to decide how much money are you ready to spend on it. Keep it simple yet beautiful. Use the seasonal flowers to reduce costs. Get all the family members to help in with the décor so there is no need for any outside decorator. Lastly, do not go overboard with the décor. Keep it minimalistic. Remember understated also looks good.

The big, fat Marathi wedding

Be it any wedding, it has now become almost mandatory to make it look like a scene from a Bollywood movie. Every bride wants to wear a Sabyasachi or a Rohit Bal outfit and have the wedding in an exotic locale.

You can also go the whole hog for your Marathi wedding and have a wedding planner plan out the wedding for you. Choose a lovely destination and doll up the venue to make it look like a big, fat, Indian wedding.

Décor and lighting can make any venue look beautiful. So spend time choosing the right theme and the color scheme for the venue. You could have different themes for all the pre-wedding and the main wedding ceremonies.

Marathi weddings do not have the concept of a mehndi or cocktails but going with the trend, you could add these fun events to your wedding. They will make the wedding more colorful and entertaining.

You could add a personal touch to the wedding by giving personalized gifts to the guests. Make a memorabilia of the wedding ceremonies and give it to all the guests at the end of the wedding. It will be a memorable gift and will make all your near and dear ones feel special.

All these things would cost a lot of money but if you have it then why not use it to make your wedding a memorable one.

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