Tips to Marathi Groom for Best Wedding Preparations

Marriages are a big occasion and both the bride and the groom want this special day of their lives to go on without any problems. Usually, the bride takes on most of the wedding planning and organizing- from getting all her wedding essentials ready to planning for the various events, gifts for the guests, caterers and the like. It is important that the groom also takes interest in the wedding preparations and helps out in some capacity. We give you some tips on how to groom a Marathi groom for the wedding.

PC: What’

Plan your honeymoon– Book your honeymoon much in advance. Discuss with your fiancée about the plausible places and number of days and things to do and book off the hotels, flight tickets and other things much before the wedding chaos begins.

Help with wedding preparations– Weddings can be a daunting task for those organizing it so you should offer to help in places where you can. Maybe you can decide on the venue, help with choosing a caterer, go with your fiancée for finalizing the gifts and cards and give your guest list for the wedding.

Book a pre-groom and bride grooming package– Like a pre-bridal package, salons now have a special package for grooms. They include facials, pedicures, manicures and some massages. This not only makes the groom looking worth a million bucks but also relaxes and rejuvenates him before the wedding. So ensure that you book a good salon for this and In fact both the bride and the groom can do this together to make it more fun.

Eat and exercise right- It is important to follow a good diet in life but especially before getting married. It will make your skin glow; you will feel good and active. Also, you must exercise well during the months working up to the wedding. Both the bride and the groom can enroll for some good workout sessions together to make it a more enjoyable thing.

Dress your best– Grooms also like to look their best at the weddings. The trend these days is to match the bride’s outfit- be it in the form of color, style or texture. So it’s important to go with your bride-to-be for the shopping and get the wedding outfit ready much in advance.

Sweep her off with a gift– You must think of a special gift for your bride to be given after the wedding. Surprise her with something that she had been looking for or get her something that you both would like to have in the house. Add a small love note along with it to make her feel special. Always remember- “a happy wife means a happy life”.

Registry for gifts– Most of the near and dear ones would like to give the bride and the groom personalized gifts. So you can help out your bride-to-be by making a list of essentials that you would want in the house after the wedding. This will make it easy for the guests to choose what they would like to gift you else you will get what you would not want or have inessentials.

Help in any form during the marriage preparations is good so it will be excellent if you can contribute in your Marathi matrimony preparations in a big or a small way.

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