Best Fashion Ideas for the Wedding Season

If you’re tired of wearing the same old saris, Anarkali and evening gowns to weddings, it’s time to explore styles and fashions that are not only refreshing but also look perfect in the festive setting. Shadi wear need not necessarily be formal, traditional and proper; a little experimentation never harmed anyone. A look at the latest trends in wedding wear that are fast becoming the rage:


Wear a cape

A cape is the latest trend to hit wedding fashion. For a shaadi, you can pair it with a lehenga, with a pair of dhoti pants, palazzos or a gown. Wear a longer cape with a churidar for the ultimate fashion statement. A cape can be sheer worn on top of a traditional choli or solid, long and flowy to be paired with a tighter lower garment. Choose festive colors to nail the wedding look.

Dhoti Pants

This garment has made quite a few comebacks and it is trending again. A comfortable pair of pants, the dhoti is a fresh take on the salwar but with a higher glam quotient. You can pair the dhoti with a mid-length kurta, a peplum and crop top, with a jacket or with a cape.

Dhoti sari and pant sari

The dhoti has lent style to the sari as well. The dhoti sari has become the hottest trend and is ruling the ramp these days. Another spin-off is the pant sari which looks equally alluring and fashionable. So go ahead sport this latest fashion and rock the wedding.

Pair crop top with skirt

This is the latest spin-off on the traditional lehenga choli. Replace the lehenga with a festive skirt and the choli with a crop top. What you have is a trend that is modern, stylish yet is rooted deep in wedding tradition.

Pair lehenga with long kurta

This is a beautiful comeback of our traditional classy Punjabi village costume. The only difference is that it’s not just a humble dress any more. Silks, brocades, chiffon, georgette kurtas paired with a swirly layered lehenga is just perfect to behold.

Pair a kurta with Palazzo pants

Your favorite kurta just found itself a new mate –palazzo pants. This is a chic yet classy look perfect for the shaadi atmosphere. For a more traditional approach, try pairing your kurta with a sharara. You can experiment with wearing palazzo pants with a long kurta, with a short kurta or one with an uneven hemline. Same goes for the sharara; wear it with a long kurta or a short one.


Another extremely popular garment that has caught the imagination of designers and fashionistas alike is the jacket. It is an extremely versatile style and can be worn long, sheer, open, short, buttoned up etc etc. Pair a jacket with a pair of cigarette pants, or a lehenga, with dhoti pants, with palazzo pants or with a sharara.

Kurta avatars

If you are not in the mood to spend, you can give a slight tweak to your ‘normal’ salwar-kameez and come up trumps. For example, pair a short kurta with brocade or printed pants, or a very short kurta with a salwar whose pleats you are proud to show off.

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Unique and Creative Ideas for your Wedding Invitations

It’s everyone’s dream to host a shadi that is unique in every way. Unique setting, unique flower arrangements, unique dresses, unique theme, unique food, basically unique everything. Well, what better way to start with than a unique wedding invite. A wedding invite is what sets the mood for the wedding guests and the more personal touch there is to the invite, the warmer the guests’ response. Here’s taking a look at some innovative ideas to help you customize your wedding invites:


Different strokes

This is the most personal touch you can add to your wedding invite. Mildly caricaturize your illustration as a couple and include quirky details such as things you are obsessed with. It will add a fun element to your invite and give it a warm informal touch. You could also add quirky one-liners.

Raise a toast

If you have the money get a custom box designed to fit a bottle of champagne and two printed glasses with an illustration of the couple. This invite will be for keeps and your guests will always remember you when they will raise a toast. For a budget alternative, skip the champagne and go for the customized printed glasses.

Pop-up cards

We’ve all been in love with pop-up birthday cards as children. Why not try it for your wedding invite. Think of a design that you want to pop up when the card is opened and your job is done. You can go quirky with a fun cutout of the both of you popping up out of nowhere to surprise the guest. Alternatively, you could go in for a more sophisticated design of a bride and groom walking hand in hand or any other romantic image that you can conjure.

Croon it

This is a novel idea. Instead of paper invites, opt for a digital one. You can communicate your wedding announcements by making up a song of your own or borrowing the tune from a hit number and keeping the words your own. Write it on a CD and deliver it to your guests in person or via email. This is going to be one memorable invite that your friends and family are sure to remember for years to come.

Message in a bottle

This one is for those who love old school casual. Put your wedding invite in a customized bottle (you can even think up ideas to beautify or design the bottle) and serve it to your guests. Fill up the bottle with some sand, tie a ribbon or a piece of twine around the neck of the bottle, and lo you have your nautical invite ready.


You can either make a poster of your own from scratch or customize a romantic movie poster to design your wedding invite. Put your own fun picture on the poster and if you want, a catchy headline in place of the movie name. Roll it up and deliver it to your guests.

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5 Post-wedding Fun Games for Newlyweds

Grand weddings are a worldwide phenomenon but the great Indian shadi is more special and memorable for the playfulness and the sincerity that go hand in hand through all the rituals and traditions. We may have graduated to evening gowns in place of saris and lehengas, shorter ceremonies, designer sets but fortunately have still managed to retain the charm of an Indian wedding. Post-wedding games are one such event that everyone looks forward to as a sort of ice-breaker between the newly-weds and their families.

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The groom and his boots

If you belong to the bride’s side the entire wedding day is spent in planning a strategy to steal and hide the groom’s shoes. On the other hand, if you are from the groom’s family, a lot of time is put into planning how to save the groom’s shoes from being stolen. It’s a fun game that goes along the entire evening passing secret messages and signals. Once the shoes are off for the pheras, the bride’s sisters spring into action to lay their hands on the coveted pair. If they do, the groom gets his shoes back only after he pays an amount specified by the bride’s friends and sisters.

The fellowship of the ring

The wedding ceremony over, it’s time for the bride to officially head for the groom’s house. She’s sad, apprehensive of what the future holds for her and feels odd entering the new household. After the groom’s family has welcomed her into the house, the bride and the groom sit down to play this traditional game. A ring is dropped into a basin full of milk and the task is to find it. Whoever does it first is the winner. This is a great ice-breaker as some family members cheer for the bride and some for the groom. The knowledge finally dawns on the bride that now this is her family too.

Untying the knots

The bride and the groom are given a rope which has been knotted several times over. Both the bride and the groom have to together untie the rope, the faster they do it the better. Knots signify marital problems and discord so to untie knots means to smoothen out these obstacles.

Without a clue

The bride and the groom are made to sit with their backs towards each other and a cushion is placed between them. Then they are asked silly and suggestive questions to which they have to reply not knowing what their partner’s response is. The game is full of innuendo and laughter and is a great ice-breaker.

Figure it out

It is customary for a bride to get her husband’s name written in henna on her palm. The name is hidden in the rest of the design and is difficult to spot. Now is the time to let that hard work reap the fruit. The groom has to find his name camouflaged by the mehndi design. If he succeeds it is believed he will be the dominating partner if he doesn’t then the wife will dominate the relationship.

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The changing Trend of Matrimonial Site- Traditional to Modern

Times have changed and so we all should walk along with the same. In the modern Indian society, you will see that adults are more broad minded and this is the benefit for the younger generation. Earlier, parents had to find the match for their son or daughter and there would be no option for the children but to accept. But now, the modern Indian society states that marriage is something that should have internal compatibility between the couple and so the bride and the groom have the right to interfere in the matters which relate to them. That’s the reason why the matrimonial site, for example, has gained a lot of popularity. In fact, these kinds of options have made it easy for the youngsters to find the best match for life.

Jain Wedding

We all want soul mate of our dreams

This had been the expectation for decades. Human beings think that the person who enters their life should be as per their expectations and they should bring in a lot of happiness sin life. But the problem is that there was no cooperation from adults. Also, the internet was not there at that time. But now, there has been a lot of openness in the minds of people. The Internet has become an important tool to make life better. That’s the reason why matrimonial sites have become an important tool for arranging the weddings.

There was a time when people used to live in joint families. Now, this culture has been replaced by nuclear families. So, the younger generations feel that the life partner should be such that who can be with them always and can even adjust to the real life situations. Both boys and girls have become independent and they hold the relevant qualifications. So, as a result, the working class would want someone who can always walk hand in hand with him or her. But there should be responsibility sharing too. Like, after kids come up, the responsibility is for both the partners. This kind of changing norms and thoughts have made it important for the people to find the right match. So, it’s better to get through matrimonial site and find the perfect person for life.

The caste barriers are also breaking

There was a time when people believed to marry girls only on their castes. But now, things have changed. People think that rather than caste it is important to know the financial status, living style, employment status etc for the person who would become an important part of life. So, this kind of changing social norms have created a lot of betterment in the society. Today, girls don’t mind showing their parents the boys from the matrimonial sites. The same holds true for the boys too. In fact, even the parents take active participation when such a search spree begins. The Indian society is going through a positive change and so these kinds of options have added bliss in the lives of the people who belong to the new generation.

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How a destination wedding is better than a local one?

If you are now planning to marry then you have to actually take the decision that what kind of wedding you are looking forward to. If you can afford then a destination wedding is a convenient way of giving a family a perfect treat for the wedding. Times have changed. Even though the younger generations listen to the adults, they want a few things in their way. That’s the reason why there has been a trend for destination wedding these days. So, just make sure that even you figure out what you and your family want.


Benefits of arranging the destination wedding

There was a time when people used to opt for arranged marriages. In this, the families would know each other or at least they will meet first. Then, once the families approve, the bride and the groom are allowed to meet. These days, things are different and more practical. Most of the youngsters have registration with the reputed and good matrimonial sites like and so they find their soul mates from this place. Then they let the family members meet. Over the time, they even talk via phone or online. These things help the two people to know better so that there is better compatibility between the two.  So, due to such open and practical culture these days, it is preferred that destination weddings should be taken up. The reason why these kinds of weddings are better than local weddings is because; the arrangements are not a problem. In most of the cases, they are hosted at resorts or hotels and so the hassles to prepare food or decorate the house or give food to kids etc are reduced. The hotels take good care of hospitality of the guests and the family members can take complete participation in the marriage customs and fun.

The drawbacks of local weddings

If the wedding is arranged in the house or at a banquet hall near the houses then you have to arrange for the stay of guests who come to attend the wedding. Apart from that, you also have to remember ten things at a time and even arrange for food and drinks for the guests. These kinds of issues create problems in the arrangements too. So, you are not able to keep everyone happy. That’s the reason why local weddings have their own drawbacks. Thankfully, these days the destination weddings have become quite nominal and so if you can find the spot which is affordable then you can plan everything right there.

So, just make sure that you reduce your hassles as much as possible. The first thing you must do is find the match through and the other thing is arrange for the destination wedding. These things will put less pressure on adults at home and there will be happy marriage functions. It is important that everyone in the family take equal part in all the rituals. But when it’s the local one, half of the time the members are busy arranging for things. So, avoid such hassles and take the right steps.

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How does a matrimonial relationship advisor help?

Even though we tend to stay happy and positive there might be some stress in the relationship sometimes. So, just keep in mind that even though there are problems, you should never think that marriage is bad. Marriage involves two people and two families and there has to be respect and understanding between the both. This is long term relation and you have to respect the same. One should get freedom from ego as well as from selfishness if one wants perfect marital relation. But if you are not ready to budge then no one can help you. Many people believe that love marriages are better than arranged. But it is not so. These days’ people don’t find time for love and so they get registered with the matrimonial sites like You will see that the success ratio with these kinds of marriages is even more. This is because people are able to find perfect matches and this is possible only when there are too many choices in front of you. But again, whether the marriage is a love marriage or an arranged marriage, the success actually depends on how you handle the issues that come in your way.


How to seek the help of the relationship advisor for marital problems?

 Some people have a negative mindset about marriage and they think that they do not want to settle down in life. Also, they think that if they get into a relationship then they will get tied up. But in reality, it is not so. All you must do is have a positive mindset. If you think that there are some things that are bothering you then perhaps you can plan to meet a good relationship advisor who can give you apt guidance.

If you are already married via or by any other means and if you feel that you are not able to gel up with your partner due to certain hurdles then you should talk to an expert relationship and marriage advisor who would help you solve all the dilemma you face. In life, we all face problems. But it is important to note that we should be able to find the best solutions for the same.

Solve the issues and get ahead in life

Marriage is something that will require inputs from two people. So, just make sure that there is effective communication between the two. Also, there has to be love as well as respect. If these factors are missing then perhaps there will be some major issues. But a relationship expert can provide apt guidance about the real life situations and how they have to be sorted out. There are problems in everyone’s’ life. It is vital to check out what will give you freedom from such issues. We all have problems. But there are always a few solutions. Just seek them and take expert help for all such issues.

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How To Select The Best Partner For Blissful Life

In the words of Jan H Stringer, The most perfect relationship is the one that supports you in fulfilling your destiny—the one that empowers you to be everything you are meant to be in this world and beyond.To a frustrated and lonesome single person, life can often seem like a rosewood bed of two amorous, love-struck couples. At first glance, studies seem to back it up, hinting that married persons are on average contented more than single and much happier than the divorced ones.


But, for a closer view and subsequent analysis, if you split these married people into two definite groups thriving on marriage quality, you’ll find those in self-assessed failed marriages are absolutely miserable. They are much less happy than people who’re unmarried. Then, those in self-assessed successful or good marriages are a lot happier than the threadbare literature reports. The reality is an absolute hodge-podge and you have dedicated Matrimony Sites showing you the way, helping two people to share the same platform, meet and know each other, and take it further if they want.

  • Finding someone you can easily connect with: Selecting the right partner for life is essential in leading a happy married life. There are numerous factors that you need to consider while choosing your life partner. The primary aspect is to entail things that are vital to you. It’s very crucial to choose someone who you can strike a conversation with quite easily. This way, you will enjoy doing things before talking about them together sans getting bored.
  • Potential partner with common interests: Selecting a person who shares similar interest works in your favor. You need to remember that every interest doesn’t need to be the same, but it can be identical and some will be the same. Relationship experts and clinical psychologists say that when you decide to spend your life with somebody, you must consider things that both would love to do or see together. For instance, if you’re a music lover, you’d ideally like to be with one who loves it as well. It’d make your life interesting.
  • Considering the intellect of your partner: For those who are laid back and the partners are over-achievers, it could snowball into a threat or disruption to your marriage. You need to be eye to eye pertaining to your collective perception, thinking, and processing of things.
  • Standards are okay: You need to take your and your family’s sentiments and standards into account while choosing your life partner. Though it’ absolutely alright to have someone who probably doesn’t belong to your layer of society, but make sure that person isn’t fully off the mark.
  • Mutual respect: It’s a foregone conclusion that you can’t spend your life with a person who has respect for your goals/dreams, your personality or you. So go for someone who will appreciate and acknowledge you for the coming chapters of your life. That’s what all Matrimony Sites try to imbibe.

You also need to figure out whether he or she is trustworthy or has the potential to be trusted. You need to spend time together as well.

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Planning For Card Distribution Before the Wedding

There are lots of things that define and determine the core and outline of a wedding. Different ideas, factors, estimates, options and reasons culminate into a gala event. This is an event you have been for a long time and it blankets a lot of wishes, desires and wants. Everyone wants to make their wedding a grand affair. Matrimony Sites, after matchmaking on or by matrimonial, starting right from the cards, guest list, venue, food, lights, hospitality aspects, drinks and entertainment and so on, you’re planning starts much before time.  The first focus is on cards.


Before planning for distributing your cards, you need to economize on them. The cost of invitation cards can be anything between Rs. 45 to Rs. 3,500 per card. You have dedicated Matrimony that shows you how.

  • Advance orders: You need to order them at least six to seven months in advance as traditional invitation cards cost much less. The leading printer of cards tells that Thermography is virtually half the rate of engraving. Both the patterns provide raised print yet engraving impacts and impacts a more formal appeal to the invitation. Unlike thermography, this form of raised print is firmly pressed through the rear end.
  • Purchasing them in bulk: For larger wedding events and parties, you must purchase your invitation cards at bulk retail/party stores. You can also get them from wedding warehouses to acquire the best buy for the money paid.
  • Cutting on unnecessary stuff: You need to avoid getting a separate card for the function day or reception in case both the ceremonies are held at one venue. That’d help you in reducing a lot of expense as well.
  • Making your own take: If you are a creative person and would like to take a plunge in this work, you can always choose to make your select invitations. You need to factor in aspects of postage. That includes stamps for the envelopes for response cards. This should fall well within the budget. You can email for this purpose and send scanned copies of your card. You can do this especially for those who abroad or in other states.
  • Definite planning: Planning is your guest list is always an imperative in the first place. You need to come out with an approximate head count before ordering for the cards. A few more or less wouldn’t matter, but make sure the waste is not much. Also, there are some guests who you know won’t come or will not be able to make it. However, due to professional or personal obligation, or some courtesy or formality, you have to send them the invitation. Sending them a scanned copy via email is the best method here.
  • Rope on the internet: With social media coming of age, you can always circulate your wedding card, the scanned cope of course in the personal accounts of your connected with. You just need to cope and paste it some groups or individually. The majority of Sites speak of this viability.

In your workplace, you can make bulk invitations through one card. Hand it over to one prominent person in the group who can be in charge of the same or one represents them in any way. That serves the same purpose.

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Honeymoon Destinations Within India that are Pocket-Friendly

The most thrilling part of a wedding, after Matrimonial Sites surfing, definitely is planning the honeymoon. Couples put in hours of thinking, research and careful planning to make it a trip of their lifetime and a memorable beginning to their life together. Now that you’re getting married there are a whole lot of expenses to be taken care of- setting up the house, furniture, a bigger vehicle etc. So where does the honeymoon budget fit in on this long spending list? Most couples put off their honeymoon plans for later to avoid compromising on a less than average destination and save expense. But what if you could plan a honeymoon that’s easy in your pocket and the destination is straight out of your dreams. And no, you don’t need to go abroad. It’s all possible in India. Here are a few suggestions to plan that perfect first trip together.



Whatever anyone may say, it is paradise on earth. You can get cheap air tickets to Srinagar for as low as Rs 2500 if you book in advance. Include the beautiful Pahalgam and Gulmarg and throw in a houseboat stay on Dal Lake in Srinagar. Lo and behold! You have your perfect romantic honeymoon package ready.


A destination for all seasons, Goa is undoubtedly a honeymooners’ paradise. Whether you want a quiet, romantic trip or a bustling, adventurous one it’s the place to be in. Also, what makes it affordable is the wide range of accommodation available right from budget to luxury. Stay in a small village homestay with breakfast included experiencing the Goan way of life.


A romantic place where time seems to stand still. Cycle your way through the French quarter or take long walks along the promenade, either way, it’s absolute bliss. A couple of days here will leave you refreshed and ready for your new life together.


Think tea gardens, winding mountain roads, walks through the mist, and warm drizzle at least once a day. Darjeeling is the quintessential hill station with all of its old world charm intact for you to bask in. Throw in the neighboring Kalimpong and Gangtok in your itinerary and you have a nice little honeymoon package ready.


Remember back in the 70s and 80s how all film couples would go to Ooty for their honeymoon and then you would catch a glimpse of mist rolling over mountains on screen, pure heaven. Believe it or not, Ooty hasn’t changed one bit. It’s perfect for a romantic trip and the good news is that it’s really affordable.


No, it’s not a done and dusted sort of place. Nainital is a beautiful hill town that is nestled in the Kumaon Himalayas by the beautiful Naini Lake. Strolls on the Mall Road, boating on Naini Lake and loads of shopping are going to make this the trip of a lifetime. The weather is to die for and the food is good almost everywhere.

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The Big Fat Indian Wedding v/s The Chai-Paani Simple Wedding

One of the many things India is famous for is its weddings. Indian weddings are unique because rich or poor, a marriage ceremony is always a lavish affair. Spending on their children’s wedding is the main reason most people earn and save in India. It is that ultimate event towards which all effort is concentrated. It doesn’t matter that mandatory Matrimonial expenses have left many people’s financial future in the doldrums. So are such grand weddings really required?


A simple beginning

A low-cost wedding ceremony is not only easy on the pocket but also on one’s conscience. There is no unnecessary give or take of expensive gifts which is already very difficult with demonetization.

Money’s worth

Ask yourself what are you going to spend on. Giving a thousand people a good time while you wring your hands in case you fell short. Or giving expensive gifts to the bridegroom’s relatives who are certainly not going to play any role in keeping your daughter happy. Can’t your son start a small business with all the money you are spending on his wedding? There are still others who finance their wedding by taking bank loans. What a beginning to the most important step in your life! Now you can spend the first 5 years of your marriage paying hefty EMIs and sparring with your spouse over money.

No class distinction

If everyone were to celebrate weddings in a simple manner, there would be nothing to distinguish rich from the poor. People wouldn’t seek to marry above their so-called status and those below them on the social ladder won’t be looked down upon. Think about it, how much a person spends on a wedding has today become the parameter to judge whether he/she is doing well in life. Don’t we all want to put an end to such vain trends?

Put the money to good use

If you are still insistent about spending money, why not do it for a charitable cause. A number of couples have celebrated their weddings by feeding the poor, or treating slum children or getting the blessings of the elderly. Wouldn’t this make your wedding day truly memorable?

Spend it on yourself

Many couples these days spend less on their wedding ceremony so that they can use the money to spend some quality time together. There has been a surge in working couples taking off to exotic locations post-wedding which allows them more time to understand each other. Traveling together is today considered far better than mindless spending on wedding halls, 100 types of food stalls and silver cutlery.

Invest in the relationship

In the end what matter is the quality of your relationship and that has got nothing to do with how much money either side spent on the wedding. If it does, then it’s not worth it. Your relationship needs love, respect, and patience not wads of money.

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