Tips for Tamil in-laws to treat groom as Son

While a lot has been said and is often said about the bride making efforts to win over her in-laws or adjust to the new household and the in-laws making their own effort as well, the chapter that goes mostly unnoticed is the chemistry between the groom and his in-laws. While there have been talks about the groom’s efforts to make his in-laws happy and satisfied, the latter’s part has been absent. It’s a very subtle yet serious topic wherein the girl’s family to needs to understand certain facts and basics of this era and give their stance likewise.

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More often than not, the girl’s parents think that the groom’s life, career, and all work is bound to revolve around their daughter. Well, it’s a pertinent fact that they have given their daughter’s hand in marriage, which is a big thing. Every daughter is precious for her parents and a lot of dreams, wishes and sentiments are involved when she leaves her father’s place. Here are a few things that can help in-laws to get more cordial with their son-in-law.

  • Realize that she has other responsibilities: This is the basic thing. You need to realize that your daughter has gone into a new threshold of life and stepped into a new family. She has a lot of things to understand and duties to take care of her. Thinking that she’ll be there for you just as she has been all her life is only unrealistic. She has to take care of her husband and he is there for you too. While it’s said that he becomes your son in Tamil Matrimonial, you need to realize that he’s not stopping his wife from meeting you. It’s just the work that does so.
  • Try to trust him: All parents become judgmental when it comes to the well-being and prosperity of their daughters. They are finicky about the food she gets into and stays largely tensed about the treatment she gets there. Well, you need to trust her man, your son-in-law. You need to give him time and space to prove his mettle and love for your daughter. Don’t go overboard and slam him if he makes a little mistake there. You would never have done the same if he was your own son. Rather be analytical and calm with him. Remember that in the absence of your daughter and after the marriage, it’s his responsibility too to look after you.
  • Communicating with him: There’ll be times when your son-in-law will face hurdles or tough times in business or work. He won’t tell that to you for obvious reasons. If you come to know about it, just call him over and offer your help. Ask him about the problems he’s facing and ask if you can help in any way. Many times, you can just tell that you’re helping, just as you’d do for your son.

Also, know about this health and professional life from time to time. Both should call and meet each other. If the couple has a fight or quarrel, don’t reprimand him or come to a conclusion. Instead, maintain composure and try to mediate and solve it. This is how you keep the Tamil Matrimonial affair happy and peaceful.

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