How To Convert A Typical Telugu Wedding Into A Destination Wedding

Ever fancied having your dream destination wedding and that too in India? Well, if you have, the plethora of options might have surely confounded you. Goa is undoubtedly the best location for a destination wedding in India, but it won’t be ideal for a culturally rooted wedding ceremony like a Telugu Wedding. Though each region in India entails a different set of traditions and rituals to be followed in the wedlock spectacle, Telugu wedding traditions are very similar to the Tamil weddings. Also, a unique aspect of Telugu Matrimony and the weddings are that the focus is primarily on spirituality and not just of religion.

  • The scene and scent: Beautiful, lush hills looking down the spectacular Doon Valley, clear skies that give you a brilliant show of twinkling stars of the gazing milky way, the surreal view of the mighty Himalayas during sunset and the flickering mass of lights in the valley all give you the base of a fantastic destination wedding. After the Muhurtam and pre-wedding rituals get over at your home, you can head straight to the hills for the wedding rituals.
  • Mangala Snaanam: In this ritual on the wedding morning, the bride and groom take a holy bath for purifying themselves. They attend the aarti after this. Then there’s Gauri and Ganesha Puja for seeking the divine blessings. Now imagine all of this amidst the wonderful romantic air and scent of the hills. Canals, beautiful orchids, long pines, beautiful architecture, and waterfalls make it a heaven for both pre-wedding and wedding pictures. A Telugu wedding here is just bliss. The beautiful sunsets also make the ideal platform for the puja and aarti, not to mention the evening rituals and functions.
  • Bride’s entry to Kanya Adan and mangal sutra: The bride’s maternal uncle accompanies her to the mandap where the priest recites the sacred mantras. After the Madhuparkam where the couple wears traditional wedding clothes comes the Mangalsutra ritual. Saptapadi or the seven rounds taken around the holy fire whilst taking the marriage vows looks wonderful atop the hills. A true destination wedding, you’d say.
  • The viability of destination wedding: These weddings are thought to be less expensive than traditional weddings. First, you can amalgamate the wedding and your honeymoon together. You just need to stay a few extra days there. Although for Telugu Matrimony, grihapravesh is an important post-wedding ritual.
  • The fiscal aspects: generally, you only pay for yourselves as the groom and bride. The guests pay for their stay. It includes flight or train and hotel accommodation.

You don’t need the expensive venue, exquisite furniture, and elaborate decorations. The hills and the ambiance speak for themselves. The reception becomes grander and much more in tune with spiritual ecstasy.

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