Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting The Trousseau For A Traditional Telugu Bride

In India, culture is a way of life for. One of the most defining and strongest torchbearers of culture is weddings. Wedding culture varies across castes, creed, religion, region, language, and ethnicity and so on. The ultimate wedding trousseau for the Telugu bride presages a certain backdrop. The bride’s role in a wedding is most pivotal. She is the most highlighted character of the day. People coming to the venue eventually notice her makeup, attire and overall personality. Thus, it’s very important for her to look perfect and carry her best trousseau.


In Telugu Matrimony, the primary focus lies on the bride. Her appearance reflects the traditional beauty and culture. The perfectionist trousseau needs to comprise saree, footwear, makeup, hairdo, jewelry and so on the best way.

  • The quintessential saree: You have the traditional silk saree with heavy golden border and south-Indian built, which is a key component of the Telugu bridal trousseau. The clothes with pallu work ornate border make the bride look absolutely stunning and beautiful. The sarees used are Pochampally Silk Saree, Mangalagiri, Dharamavaram, Kancheevaram, Gadwal and Venkatagiri. Additionally, the bride also carries other magnificent sarees for her pre and post wedding events. The georgette and chiffon sarees with wonderful embedded stonework are superb for smaller functions. They are light weight and comfortable, and reflect a core South-Indian flavor.
  • Traditional gold jewelry: Most Telugu brides are adorned with gold jewelry from the head to toe. You have temple jewels which showcase vintage Telugu ornaments. They have depictions of deities and Gods with the antique finishing of Gold.
  • Jewelry used by the bride: Pure, small golden Lakshmi Kasu Mala for the neck, necklaces in beautiful layers and traditional peacock Gold waistband, which you call Vaddanam rules the roost here. You also have a golden arm band featuring nakshi or artwork of flora and fauna along with Gods. There are heavy golden earrings in the style of jhumka and gold bangles with traditional embellishments for gold hair. Today’s bride prefers to keep things simple. They wear mostly contemporary jewelry.
  • The make-up: Now, this is where you get finicky and delirious. Perfect makeup is clinical for a perfect look. The bride is the cynosure here and her makeup should transform her into a goddess. Great eye lining, perfect lip symmetry and finishing and adept application of face blusher remain an imperative. Eyes are to be embellished with mascara. A comfortable and matching pair of sandals alongside a matching bag completes the wedding trousseau.
  • Trousseau packing: Bridal or wedding trousseau reflects one’s traditional and cultural values. It also contains linens, clothing, and lingerie. The color scheme of the function or wedding theme can also be utilized as packing modality for the trousseau. Its concept isn’t old-fashioned. Rather it adds beauty and mirth to the wedding and bride.

Although the features of this particular package have been conditioned with time and entail constant updating, each culture has its own slant and priorities. You can find the same blend in Telugu Matrimony.

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