Traditional Telugu Wedding Arranged With Least Amount Of Cash. Some Tips To Be Followed

Telugu weddings are special. Be it a traditional, laid back wedding or an opulent, lavish and modernized ones, Telugu Matrimony and all its weddings entail a charm and beauty of their own. Owing to the colorful exuberance and vibe associated with it, these weddings have also been featured in quite a few Bollywood movies. However, the younger generation strives to add more colors and flavors to this already appealing and vibrant affair. Of late a trend that has become extremely popular in Telugu, weddings are that the theme based matrimonial. They provide a simple yet beautiful event without you having to dish out loads of money.


The would-be couples nowadays are opting for themes, which make their beautiful and special sans any extra money. This is a cost-effective way to organize a wedding.

  • Beginning with the set-up: Needless to say, since this style is relatively new, a host of couples gets confounded in deciding an ideal theme for their wedding. There are a plethora of themes to enliven your event. You just need to figure out your priorities.
  • Traditional theme: For those who seek to have a theme wedding yet stay rooted in the traditions, this theme is perfect for you. Make sure to deck the venue with deepshikhas and traditional brass lamps for getting that desired effect. You can also use figurines and motifs depicting traditional folklores and dances like Bharatnatyam. That’d embellish the wedding venue.
  • Usage of flowers: Use jasmine and marigold flowers for the flower décor and ask your guests to drape themselves in traditional Kanjeevaram sarees and lungis. It’d surely make for a theme that compensates for the cost-cutting you make the guest list, venue choice, and flowers and lights. Your guests will always remember it.
  • The Origami theme: You can also opt for this unique theme wherein the wedding décor comprises paper. You use objects of colorful paper and flowers rather than traditional flowers and related arrangement. It’s sure to render a different and unique touch to your wedding. You can save a lot on flower arrangements.
  • Garden and floral theme: Telugu people love their gajras and flowers, just like Tamils. With this backdrop, you can opt for a floral theme. Though it’s simple, it adds immense beauty to the wedding venue’s décor. Use different varieties of flowers for decorating any indoor venue. If you want to spend some money, you can book a considerably big garden with plenty of flowers for this theme. You can request your guests to adorn floral printed garments or traditional wear with floral headgear.
  • Red and gold theme: To make it happen, you use gold and red drapes to do the décor. You request your guests to wear traditional red and gold apparel for attaining that desired look. You can surely paint the area red with this theme.

You also have a beach wedding theme in this form of Telugu Matrimony. However, that’d necessitate some more cash as you need to choose a clean beach and get all the arrangements done there. Apart from that, the expenses stay much lower.

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