Traditional Oriya Christian Wedding Arranged With Least Amount Of Cash

The rituals of a traditional Christian wedding are unique but there is much more to it than the norms of the church. When it comes to Christian Matrimony, you have a lot of options to spend money in the most extravagant manner but if you want to arrange a wedding with the least amount of cash, you may not have to be frugal keeping in mind the budget that you have planned. The thing that matters the most is tracking the expenses which will allow you plan the wedding in a seamless manner.

  • Not accepting gifts: Wedding is one of those occasions in which most of the family members assemble to spend time with the loved ones. With the close family members, you can always ask them not to bring any gift rather ask them to pay for the services such as photography or arranging money for flower decoration.
  • Preparing the invitation list: Whether it is Christian Matrimony or otherwise, the list of invitation tends to bloat and you often lost track of the number of people that you have invited. Incidentally, this is one of those areas in which the expenses can go haywire as many invitees do not turn up when there is more than one occasion to attend. It is good to keep the wedding a simple affair in this perspective as you will get scores of opportunities to invite some people later that may not have much importance during the wedding.
  • Hiring a restaurant: For the wedding and the reception, you can try to look for family-owned restaurants or the ones that belong to your friends. The chances are that you will be able to reduce the price of the catering services to half of the total amount which you may have had to spend otherwise. Recommendations from friends can help you find restaurants that have reasonable good ambiance and price which is no yet listed in Google. Small places have the urge to offer the best services to the clients to attain familiarity.
  • Make your music: Do not spend money for hiring a DJ rather try to arrange the music on your own and if you have a couple of friends that are good singers which are likely, the music arrangement will get off your shoulders somehow.
  • Fair price shops: You will come across some of the best fair price shops in your city that have great offerings for the occasion of wedding. Most of these shops sell used items such as centerpieces and chandeliers that can be easily used in the wedding.
  • Buying on sale: Buying the apparel of the bride and groom during the wedding season is one of the major mistakes that you make. The best option is to buy the dresses on sale which allows you have substantial savings on the actual budget.

Arranging a wedding within a budget might seem to be a situation which is far removed from the reality. However, following these effective tips will help you understand that marriages need not be extravagant all the time and the wedding occasion can be arranged with the least amount of cash.

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