Tips For The Groom To Shop For A Brahmin Wedding

Indian weddings are a special affair that is celebrated with great pomp and grandeur. Each region has its own unique traditions and customs that are followed during the ceremony. However, for a wedding to be a complete one, many items are required that play a significant role during the ceremony. Of the diverse caste types in India, Brahmin is revered to be the most important ones. Although every Indian wedding has certain special notions, yet there are some minor differences. The Brahmin wedding has many rituals that need to be followed.


Following are the tips that a groom needs to follow for a complete shopping expedition of his Brahmin wedding:

  • The right attire: In a Brahmin Wedding a lot depends on the right attire. The groom needs to wear a cream colored dhoti with a cream colored Uttar Ilya. Once he reaches the bride’s venue he will be required to change the dress he came wearing and wear the dhoti, ganja and Uttar Ilya provide from the bride’s side. Many modern guys nowadays opt for colored dhotis and uttariya. Ideally, the groom should wear cream colored ones. you will get the attire from the shops that sell wedding apparels. Tell them that you are opting for Brahmin matrimony and they will provide you with the right set of clothes.
  • Headgear: In the Brahmin wedding, the groom needs to wear a headgear known as the “topor”. Made out of thermocal, this headgear comes I different styles and designs. While purchasing this headwear, wear it once to make sure that it fits your head properly.
  • Betel nut and betel leaf: In any wedding, the betel nut and betel leaf play a significant role. These items are considered to be auspicious. For your Brahmin matrimony to be complete you need these two items. You can buy it fresh from any vendor that deals in them on the wedding day itself. Ideally, these items have to be fresh as they will be used for an auspicious reason.
  • “Dashwakarma” items: You need to purchase some “dashwakarma” items like brass utensils comprising of plate, glass, bowl, spherical water pot. You also need to buy “sindoor” and mustard oil too.
  • Spare coins: Collect several coins because during the wedding spare coins are required for the different rituals involved.

Once you consider all the factors mentioned above, you will be better prepared to buy the things that are required for Brahmin wedding. Before you go for the shopping, make a list of the all the things that you need to buy. This way you will not lose out on anything that is required during the wedding. The day, your wedding date gets fixed, start making the list. Don’t keep it as a last minute buying decision. There are high chances that you will forget to buy one thing or the other. In order to avoid any last minute rush and confusion, it is ideal that you do all the necessary buying with ample time in your hand. Go ahead and start making the list today.

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