How To Give Traditional Weddings A Modern Touch

Traditional weddings with a smutch of modernity are in vogue. People are constantly seeking to knit the time-tested and time-honored values and customs of weddings with modern ways of applications. A modern wedding celebration rightly screams “right here, right now”. Dramatic up-lighting, sleek lines and décor dripping in art and crystals are different staples of contemporary weddings. Incorporating wedding lines and traditions is quite fun. It’s a great way of recognizing and celebrating the historical significance and pivot of marriage. Finding the root of these traditions and knowing the craft of updating them in our modern society is the key.


As is customary with any Community Matrimony, the tradition of proposal holds a lot of importance. Keeping the traditional side in the backdrop, let’s discuss the modern twists here.

  • Modern proposals: today, most couples get engaged in a mutual agreement which, thankfully is away from the signing of auspicious omens. Still, some couples pay their homage to the tradition of the groom announcing the engagement to their families after the concerned bride accepts the proposal.
  • Diamond engagement ring: From the medieval Italians believing that the ring was created in Love flames, the modern twist translates that into a symbol of commitment between two people and their intention of becoming husband and wife. You need to remember that this ring doesn’t necessarily have to be a diamond. Today, rings can be of any stone or material as per the couple’s wishes.
  • The bridal shower: Contrary to its history and age-old tradition, today these showers come in various styles. Brides don’t find it unusual to have a kitchen shower, lingerie shower or stock the bar one. The shower style ranges from threadbare all-female things to barbecues or large parties that include both the sexes.
  • Bridal party: moving over the Anglo-Saxon tradition of groom using their Brides knights for ensuring some safety, today’s parties usually comprise of close family members and friends who have a special connection with the couple. Brides can have their best male friend as an usher for the groom or the groom’s sister as the attendant. Today’s brides thank their party with small gifts of friendship and appreciation.
  • The bride’s departure: The act of the famous ‘giving away of the bride today is used to render support to the holy union. Many girls choose to have both parents walk down with her in the aisle. They can also walk unassisted to signify their independence.
  • The veil: In modern times, it’s unusual for couples to tie the knot or exchange rings without spending quality time together. The veil today is a beautiful accessory symbolizing purity and modesty.
  • Wedding dress: In today’s Community Matrimony, brides wear wedding gowns of all shades. It has truly evolved as a matter of personal liking. The most popular choices, however, are ivory and white.
  • Kissing the bride: In the Roman era, kissing symbolized a legal bond to seal all contracts. Today, kissing the bride implies that the marriage ceremony has attained completion and the couple can now start as husband and wife.

In addition to all these, the groom’s cake, tossing the garter, the bouquet and jumping of the broom and throwing the birdseed have all undergone radical changes and updates.

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