Role of a Bride’s Maid-of-Honor during the Entire Wedding

If you thought a bridesmaid’s only duty was to hold the wedding bouquet you might be in for a surprise. A maid-of-honor is the single most important person, after the bride and bridegroom of course, in the successful completion of the wedding rituals and ceremonies. In terms of responsibilities, a maid-of-honor is second to none. Here’s taking a look at all that a maid-of-honor does to keep the wedding going.


Assisting the bride with preparations

From helping the bride to choose and organize invites to selecting the wedding cake to decide on the wedding theme and colors, a maid-of-honor is indispensable. If that’s not all she also helps the bride in shopping for her wedding dress and deciding on what the bridesmaids will wear on the D-Day.

Emotional support

Preparing for a wedding can be a very stressful job and added to that a would-be bride’s emotional upheavals and mood swings, it’s a ticking bomb. It may be a love marriage, an arranged one or one arranged through, every bride is a bundle of nerves before her wedding. A maid-of-honor helps the bride keep her cool, hears her out with patience and helps her combat pre-wedding stresses on a day to day basis. There may be days when the bride is just not ready to budge and move on with her pre-wedding chores. A maid-of-honor motivates her and acts like an emotional sponge for the bride to ensure a smooth sailing.

Organizing the team of bridesmaids

A maid-of-honor leads the way for the rest of the bridesmaids in wedding rehearsals, going for dress fittings, ensuring that they understand their duties on the day of the wedding, reaching on time and dressing up for the event.

Arranging the bridal shower

Traditionally, it’s the maid of honor’s duty to organize a bridal shower for the prospective bride. The success of the bridal shower rests on how well the maid-of-honor executes the bride’s wishes. She sends out invites for the bash taking care that all the bride’s favorite people are on the guest list. She makes sure that the party has all that the bride expects from her special event and makes a record of all the gifts received from friends and family.

Duties on wedding day

She is the first to reach the wedding venue, helps out the bridesmaids with their dresses and makeup, sees to it that the bride is comfortable in her wedding dress and holds the bride’s bouquet and the wedding ring for the bridegroom. After the wedding, the maid-of-honor assists the bride in packing for her honeymoon and putting her wedding dress away in a safe place.

At the reception

A maid-of-honor plays hostess at the reception party, guiding guests to their seats, ensuring everything is in order and taking care of the bride. She personally sees to it that the bride gets to eat something and that she is not too stressed and makes the bride laughing, laughter can be as effective as venting. She also delivers her speech at the party. No matter what entails the duties of MOH, having fun is the important rule, you have been chosen to help and navigate the most special times of your friend. Experience, embrace and enjoy because this special time of your friend, the bride, brings you both closer than before, your friend you know will be a Mrs. Before you know it.

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