The Big Fat Indian Wedding v/s The Chai-Paani Simple Wedding

One of the many things India is famous for is its weddings. Indian weddings are unique because rich or poor, a marriage ceremony is always a lavish affair. Spending on their children’s wedding is the main reason most people earn and save in India. It is that ultimate event towards which all effort is concentrated. It doesn’t matter that mandatory Matrimonial expenses have left many people’s financial future in the doldrums. So are such grand weddings really required?


A simple beginning

A low-cost wedding ceremony is not only easy on the pocket but also on one’s conscience. There is no unnecessary give or take of expensive gifts which is already very difficult with demonetization.

Money’s worth

Ask yourself what are you going to spend on. Giving a thousand people a good time while you wring your hands in case you fell short. Or giving expensive gifts to the bridegroom’s relatives who are certainly not going to play any role in keeping your daughter happy. Can’t your son start a small business with all the money you are spending on his wedding? There are still others who finance their wedding by taking bank loans. What a beginning to the most important step in your life! Now you can spend the first 5 years of your marriage paying hefty EMIs and sparring with your spouse over money.

No class distinction

If everyone were to celebrate weddings in a simple manner, there would be nothing to distinguish rich from the poor. People wouldn’t seek to marry above their so-called status and those below them on the social ladder won’t be looked down upon. Think about it, how much a person spends on a wedding has today become the parameter to judge whether he/she is doing well in life. Don’t we all want to put an end to such vain trends?

Put the money to good use

If you are still insistent about spending money, why not do it for a charitable cause. A number of couples have celebrated their weddings by feeding the poor, or treating slum children or getting the blessings of the elderly. Wouldn’t this make your wedding day truly memorable?

Spend it on yourself

Many couples these days spend less on their wedding ceremony so that they can use the money to spend some quality time together. There has been a surge in working couples taking off to exotic locations post-wedding which allows them more time to understand each other. Traveling together is today considered far better than mindless spending on wedding halls, 100 types of food stalls and silver cutlery.

Invest in the relationship

In the end what matter is the quality of your relationship and that has got nothing to do with how much money either side spent on the wedding. If it does, then it’s not worth it. Your relationship needs love, respect, and patience not wads of money.

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