Planning For Card Distribution Before the Wedding

There are lots of things that define and determine the core and outline of a wedding. Different ideas, factors, estimates, options and reasons culminate into a gala event. This is an event you have been for a long time and it blankets a lot of wishes, desires and wants. Everyone wants to make their wedding a grand affair. Matrimony Sites, after matchmaking on or by matrimonial, starting right from the cards, guest list, venue, food, lights, hospitality aspects, drinks and entertainment and so on, you’re planning starts much before time.  The first focus is on cards.


Before planning for distributing your cards, you need to economize on them. The cost of invitation cards can be anything between Rs. 45 to Rs. 3,500 per card. You have dedicated Matrimony that shows you how.

  • Advance orders: You need to order them at least six to seven months in advance as traditional invitation cards cost much less. The leading printer of cards tells that Thermography is virtually half the rate of engraving. Both the patterns provide raised print yet engraving impacts and impacts a more formal appeal to the invitation. Unlike thermography, this form of raised print is firmly pressed through the rear end.
  • Purchasing them in bulk: For larger wedding events and parties, you must purchase your invitation cards at bulk retail/party stores. You can also get them from wedding warehouses to acquire the best buy for the money paid.
  • Cutting on unnecessary stuff: You need to avoid getting a separate card for the function day or reception in case both the ceremonies are held at one venue. That’d help you in reducing a lot of expense as well.
  • Making your own take: If you are a creative person and would like to take a plunge in this work, you can always choose to make your select invitations. You need to factor in aspects of postage. That includes stamps for the envelopes for response cards. This should fall well within the budget. You can email for this purpose and send scanned copies of your card. You can do this especially for those who abroad or in other states.
  • Definite planning: Planning is your guest list is always an imperative in the first place. You need to come out with an approximate head count before ordering for the cards. A few more or less wouldn’t matter, but make sure the waste is not much. Also, there are some guests who you know won’t come or will not be able to make it. However, due to professional or personal obligation, or some courtesy or formality, you have to send them the invitation. Sending them a scanned copy via email is the best method here.
  • Rope on the internet: With social media coming of age, you can always circulate your wedding card, the scanned cope of course in the personal accounts of your connected with. You just need to cope and paste it some groups or individually. The majority of Sites speak of this viability.

In your workplace, you can make bulk invitations through one card. Hand it over to one prominent person in the group who can be in charge of the same or one represents them in any way. That serves the same purpose.

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