The changing Trend of Matrimonial Site- Traditional to Modern

Times have changed and so we all should walk along with the same. In the modern Indian society, you will see that adults are more broad minded and this is the benefit for the younger generation. Earlier, parents had to find the match for their son or daughter and there would be no option for the children but to accept. But now, the modern Indian society states that marriage is something that should have internal compatibility between the couple and so the bride and the groom have the right to interfere in the matters which relate to them. That’s the reason why the matrimonial site, for example, has gained a lot of popularity. In fact, these kinds of options have made it easy for the youngsters to find the best match for life.

Jain Wedding

We all want soul mate of our dreams

This had been the expectation for decades. Human beings think that the person who enters their life should be as per their expectations and they should bring in a lot of happiness sin life. But the problem is that there was no cooperation from adults. Also, the internet was not there at that time. But now, there has been a lot of openness in the minds of people. The Internet has become an important tool to make life better. That’s the reason why matrimonial sites have become an important tool for arranging the weddings.

There was a time when people used to live in joint families. Now, this culture has been replaced by nuclear families. So, the younger generations feel that the life partner should be such that who can be with them always and can even adjust to the real life situations. Both boys and girls have become independent and they hold the relevant qualifications. So, as a result, the working class would want someone who can always walk hand in hand with him or her. But there should be responsibility sharing too. Like, after kids come up, the responsibility is for both the partners. This kind of changing norms and thoughts have made it important for the people to find the right match. So, it’s better to get through matrimonial site and find the perfect person for life.

The caste barriers are also breaking

There was a time when people believed to marry girls only on their castes. But now, things have changed. People think that rather than caste it is important to know the financial status, living style, employment status etc for the person who would become an important part of life. So, this kind of changing social norms have created a lot of betterment in the society. Today, girls don’t mind showing their parents the boys from the matrimonial sites. The same holds true for the boys too. In fact, even the parents take active participation when such a search spree begins. The Indian society is going through a positive change and so these kinds of options have added bliss in the lives of the people who belong to the new generation.

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