5 Post-wedding Fun Games for Newlyweds

Grand weddings are a worldwide phenomenon but the great Indian shadi is more special and memorable for the playfulness and the sincerity that go hand in hand through all the rituals and traditions. We may have graduated to evening gowns in place of saris and lehengas, shorter ceremonies, designer sets but fortunately have still managed to retain the charm of an Indian wedding. Post-wedding games are one such event that everyone looks forward to as a sort of ice-breaker between the newly-weds and their families.

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The groom and his boots

If you belong to the bride’s side the entire wedding day is spent in planning a strategy to steal and hide the groom’s shoes. On the other hand, if you are from the groom’s family, a lot of time is put into planning how to save the groom’s shoes from being stolen. It’s a fun game that goes along the entire evening passing secret messages and signals. Once the shoes are off for the pheras, the bride’s sisters spring into action to lay their hands on the coveted pair. If they do, the groom gets his shoes back only after he pays an amount specified by the bride’s friends and sisters.

The fellowship of the ring

The wedding ceremony over, it’s time for the bride to officially head for the groom’s house. She’s sad, apprehensive of what the future holds for her and feels odd entering the new household. After the groom’s family has welcomed her into the house, the bride and the groom sit down to play this traditional game. A ring is dropped into a basin full of milk and the task is to find it. Whoever does it first is the winner. This is a great ice-breaker as some family members cheer for the bride and some for the groom. The knowledge finally dawns on the bride that now this is her family too.

Untying the knots

The bride and the groom are given a rope which has been knotted several times over. Both the bride and the groom have to together untie the rope, the faster they do it the better. Knots signify marital problems and discord so to untie knots means to smoothen out these obstacles.

Without a clue

The bride and the groom are made to sit with their backs towards each other and a cushion is placed between them. Then they are asked silly and suggestive questions to which they have to reply not knowing what their partner’s response is. The game is full of innuendo and laughter and is a great ice-breaker.

Figure it out

It is customary for a bride to get her husband’s name written in henna on her palm. The name is hidden in the rest of the design and is difficult to spot. Now is the time to let that hard work reap the fruit. The groom has to find his name camouflaged by the mehndi design. If he succeeds it is believed he will be the dominating partner if he doesn’t then the wife will dominate the relationship.

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