How to Manage Multiple Profiles on Matrimonial Sites

Social media has become a mainstay of matchmaking in the present age where people are transcending boundaries and borders to meet others from more diverse backgrounds. Social media gives “love” a chance by getting people to widen their circle, meet a more diverse set of people, choose the people they want to meet as per their liking and to reject, without having to meet, people they consider unworthy. Thus, the use of matrimonial sites has proliferated widely with huge numbers turning to these for seeking their significant other. The first step of course to the complete use of these sites is of setting up user profiles. This is also not so much of an issue, as is the use of multiple matrimonial sites with different profiles. We tell you how to use matrimonial sites and to effectively manage profiles on these.


Common Profile- The first step would be to create a common profile. Most sites require a background write up, and it would help if this along with profile fields as well as the proposed spouse profile is filled out with common inputs in all the sites.

Utilizing a Diary or Notepad- It would assist if a separate space is utilized to maintain the details of the likes or accepts received. Though most sites have adequate measures, inbuilt, which allow one to keep a track, however, with multiple sites a separate location would be helpful.

Different Contact Details- While maintaining separate profiles on websites it helps to give a different set of contact details including mobile numbers and email ids to help identify the callers/associates from different sites.

Time Management-    Believe it or not, but managing separate profiles can be quite nerve wracking, especially when one needs to make notes, contact numbers and plan meetings. The whole process could be made quite easier by checking a site only once in a day and that too at separate times in the day.

 Division of work- It is also not a bad idea to maintain different sites by different people. This can only be done if more than one family member is available and also comfortable with the use of the websites. This helps too as different sites have very different interfaces and making them out correctly can be quite nerve wrecking.

Matrimonial sites though being very useful means of match- finding can be quite demanding in terms of time and effort. This is especially true when one needs to manage multiple profiles and manage a large group of prospective people. The tips given in this article can assist in easing the process and help to find the perfect match for you.

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