Ideas to Decorate a Stage for a Marathi Wedding

A Marathi wedding is usually a simple affair with no flair and glamor. All the rites and rituals are short and sweet with no emphasis laid on décor. However, off late Marathi matrimony has started becoming more and more elaborate and people like to invest a lot of time, money and effort on décor, theme, lighting and entertainment.


The wedding stage is an important and integral part of a Marathi wedding. It gets maximum attention as the bride and the groom exchange their wedding vows here. Also, all the pictures and ceremonies are done on the stage. Thus, the stage should be done up in a way that it will be remembered and cherished for a long time. We give you some easy to do and fun ideas on how to decorate the stage for a Marathi wedding.

Blend of flowers and light– No wedding stage is complete without the quintessential wedding light string and fresh marigold flowers. The blend of these two could make for a great looking backstage for any wedding. You could get the entire backdrop covered with soft-coloured curtains and then add strings of yellow lights to it. With it put some marigold flower strings as well. Or you could have exotic flower bunches on the stage. This will give it a festive look and feel.

Drape them well– You can make you use of soft satin cloth and drape them in exquisite styles with touches of white, yellow or blue light. This dreamy combination will make the stage look romantic. You could also have strings of shiny crystals to make it look more classy and chic.

Satin backdrop– There is saying- less is more and it fits in perfectly when we have satin drapes as backdrops. You could use any color satin curtain across the center stage to make it look classy and elegant. You could have two colored drapes that would complement each other. These satin drapes would add the perfect panache to the wedding.

Go retro– You could go with the traditional white and gold combination. It looks festive and rich and also gives a good wedding feel to it. To match the drapes you could have a combination of white and yellow lilies. Add some soft yellow lights to make the stage look warm and beautiful. The sofa for the bride and the groom to sit on could also be in white and gold combination.

Add props- Many stage décors have pillars and arches on it that add character to the stage. You could have artificial pillars and arches in royal colors like deep blue or maroon to have a classic and regal center stage backdrop. You could also get interesting props like window panes, paisleys of some different color to break the monotony and make the stage look stunning. Add some yellow glow for a heightened effect.

The wedding day is a once in a lifetime event and should be cherished forever so with these beautiful stage decoration ideas, you will surely have a picture perfect wedding.

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