Things to take care of when dating a Indian Girl

On the very first note, this topic wouldn’t have been relevant had Indian women got more screen space in western media. We know that we have Bollywood, which is home to beautiful and phenomenal beauties. But when you say Indian culture, there’s this tendency to bring flimsy and shoddy films on the plate. There’s nothing wrong with the cuisines or dresses, just that there are so much more to Indian culture and women that could be talked.


The shadiest aspect of this India Dating is that you need to move beyond that “I really like Indian curry” statement as it doesn’t go down too well with anyone, especially the girls. Stereotyping things when you have so much more to do is something you need to avoid first while dating an Indian girl.

  • The girl’s parents probably cook the best Indian food or know the best Indian eateries in town: This is a stupid thing to ask for or even think about. Nobody likes stereotypes. Indian women do have champion taste buds and the great appetite, but this question is irrelevant. A north Indian girl will have pretty fair skin and that doesn’t mean her mother is a great cook. Normally, you’d want to meet her parents when the relationship hits gravy-train, and not because you seek to gratify your craving for desi dishes. That’s a perk, though.
  • Saying her parents are conservative have other implications: This has nothing to do with political tents or religiousness. It means that immigrant people came to the foreign shores and kept to themselves owing to the treatment meted out to them. Hence, they are a bit skeptical of meeting new people. They are also a little bit apprehensive and demanding about who their ward is spending time with.
  • The myth and fact of arranged marriage: Arranged marriages very much remain a substantial thing, but they’ve become largely modernized. If the girl’s going for arranged marriage, which is rare in the US, she is likely to meet potential and suitable suitors based on their family background. The girl will have veto power.
  • Sensitivities or sentiments about her culture: This is common with many other people and not just Indian girls. She comes from a beautiful culture, which though diverse and adaptive, can be occasionally overly strict and traditional. Family pressures may be huge and compel her to move in a certain direction. The girl might not tread that path, but it’s a possibility.
  • Cow worship question isn’t a pleasant question: That’s again a blatant stereotype. It’s not an acceptable question and majority of them won’t taste the beef. There are a deep history and faith associated with it.

Even cute toddlers are taught the art of meditation in temples, which are an hour from her place. And please keep in mind in India Dating that she doesn’t carry an ‘Om” on her necklace or room because it’s just trendy. That’s a hodge-podge and pop cultural gimmick the West has made. India has more dialects than you could think and to confine a girl to one early on would be far-fetched.

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