Traits that can Make a Perfect Marathi Couple

To find the right match to lead your life with is one of the most important things in life. It is essential that you find a partner who is similar in thinking, upbringing, values and traits and has common likes and dislikes. These choices become easier when you marry within the same community because the basics of the language, food, and traditions are the same. We tell you a few traits that make a perfect Marathi couple.


Compatibility– In any relation compatibility is of utmost importance be it a husband-wife or a brother-sister. If you and your partner are compatible with each other there is a smooth flow of things. Life becomes less complicated and it is easier to deal with other issues. In Marathi matrimony, the couple would usually have similar upbringing which is a huge help in containing the compatibility quotient of the relationship.

Similar likes and dislikes- If a couple has similar interests such as movies, plays, outdoor activities it becomes that much easier to sail through the journey of marriage. It makes life more interesting and fun. For instance, if a Marathi couple can bond over Marathi movies and plays or read Marathi books they will have so much more to talk about and learn from one another.

Honesty and commitment towards the marriage– These are two important characteristics that define any marriage. You should be honest with each other about any matter- be it about the behavior of each other, things you felt bad about or any problems in the work or home front. You should also be committed to making the marriage work and be dedicated towards your partner. In today’s age of infidelity, it is easy for a marriage to crumble hence, it is all the more important that you nurture this bond well and hold it close to your heart. Marriage is a commitment for life and it is essential you take good care of it always.

Similar eating habits- In India and the world over people bond over one common thing- food. It is an integral part of every being. Some eat to live but most live to eat. So as a couple you could definitely hit if off over food. If you and your partner like the typically Maharashtrian delicacies such as vada pav, sabudana khichdi, puran apps and modak, then life becomes so much easier. You would choose to go to the same kind of eateries and also order similar food.

Be respectful and sensitive– Ideal partners always value each other’s opinions, are respectful towards the other person and sensitive to his or her needs. Ensure that you as a couple inculcate these qualities to have the perfect understanding between each other.

The reasons we fall in love are hardly known but the reasons we stay in love are less elusive. It is a misnomer that there are perfect couples but you can hone a relationship and find the best in each other for a happy and long marriage. These traits if understood and nurtured well will definitely hold you well in the long run.

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