Hindi Dating – In a country of millions, boys and girls are separated and discriminated in the initial stage itself; due to the values, morals, customs traditions and more. Starting from school days when boys and girls were made to sit separately. It was considered bad for a girl to have a male friend and vice versa. Even having a conversation with girls was a total taboo. Boys’ having male friends was natural but becoming friends with a new girl was not an option. With age, this gap kept on increasing and so the discomfort.


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If a boy ever tried to be friendly with girls he was laughed at and bullied as well. This brought the notion that a boy and girl can never be friends they can only date one another. Having a crush was also seen as normal but no friendship. So within this conservative set up, the boy grew up seeing women as an object of desire. So when a boy is instilled with such thoughts since childhood about the other sex his perception about dating and relationships and the way he reacts is pretty obvious.

So when you are dating a conservative Hindi speaking boy you must keep all this in mind and the fact that the Indian society is a male dominated one, where men usually run the household.

Ego issues– When dating a conservative Hindi speaking guy you must also bear in mind the male ‘ego’ which is very fragile too. It gets hurts if they see a woman being independent, doing better in work or life. They want the female to be a submissive kind and not one who has her own mind. If this is okay with you only then go ahead with dating a Hindi speaking boy.

Hypocrisy– part of the game- A typically orthodox Indian man would be okay if a girl wears a short dress, drinks and smokes as long as she is not his girlfriend or wife. They have a very narrow mindset instilled in them since they were kids when a child starts forming a perception about life around them. Thus, they are fine with having the company of hot girls at parties or to hang out with but with their partners, they would not like any of this. They would want their girls to be well clad, submissive and homely. This hypocrisy is annoying for some women but others might be fine with it.

So if you are a person who is on the other side of the table or to is stated as one who sees as girls can be on an equivalent platform as boys think about it before you date a conservative Hindi speaking guy.

This is the behavior of Hindi speaking guys is not always seen but most of the Indian men are such so be wary and gauge the boy you are planning to meet and then only take the final call.

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Hindi Dating – When you are dating a conservative Hindi speaking girl you first need to determine what the limit is or what is conservative for her. You need to talk it out with her first. If her parents are conservative then they might oppose you marrying her, even to go on a date. Conservative Indian Hindus will never marry a low caste Hindus or non-Hindus.

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Dating is still a taboo in India; even the educated women in India are hesitant about dating. They decline the proposals when asked out. Maybe that’s due to the upbringing they have had. They have high moral standards taught to them by their teachers and parents.

Conversation builders– Even the modern education and affluent environment does not change the mindset. She may be an independent working girl but deep down inside she is a true ‘desi’ person. She might not show her belief in values and traditions but she truly believes in them. If you are dating a Hindi speaking conservative girl we would advise you to take things slowly and gradually. Talk to her about her likes and dislikes. Conversations are a true relationship builder.

Understand her family– If she is the conservative person her family must have had instilled these values in her. Make space for her family. Also always discuss the stuff which matters to her family. If you both are culturally non-similar; discuss and understand her culture and values.

Modesty– If you are dating a Hindi speaking girl who seems to be conservative too do not go overboard be modest in your actions. Modesty is the key to a long and accommodating relationship.

Respect her choices– Always respect your date. If she says no to a date, or to meet someone, or even for a drink you offer. Respect her choices and stand by her. It could be due to a certain way of upbringing or due to orthodox families.

Never compare– Love her as she is and does not ask her to be something which she is not or can’t be. Do not compare her with another woman; be it your mother, sister or any other lady.

When dating a Hindi speaking girl demarcate the boundaries of flirting. Especially so when she is conservative in nature. Never go over the top with her. Be your own true self-don’t try to be someone you aren’t because it won’t take you any further.

Give her your best time and space. This is something every woman would want and cherish. Giving space to her means you mustn’t judge her on the basis of what she wears, eats or drinks. She already had her parents deciding it for her all her life. Letting her be herself is the best thing you can do for her.

A typical Indian conservative Hindi speaking girl already has a lot of boundaries and rules set forth by her parents so it is important that you be her best companion, and you never know when just a date would turn into a lifelong relationship.

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Things to Take Care of When Dating a USA Based Boy

We Indians are never the ones to shut their doors on any new thing or tradition. We have always welcomed new ideas and concepts and have also tried to bring those new ideas into their lives.This is exactly how the concept of dating arrived in India. Influenced by American movies and USA dating scenario, it was welcomed with open arms, especially by the new generation, making dating its own. Not only the girls, but even their parents look forward to such a match. Marrying their daughter to a boy settled abroad is a dream of many Indians. They believe that by doing so, they in a way ensure the financial security and a comfortable lifestyle for their darling princess. However, there have been many instances, where these things have backfired. Often, we come across cases, when girls and families have been duped by so-called NRI’s or boys based in the USA, who later leave the girl to fend for herself. Hence, it becomes most important to take care of certain things, which need to be taken care of, when you are dating or planning to get married to a boy based in the USA:


us based groom
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  • Check the credentials: first of all, make it a point to do a background check on the person you are dating. Always check the credentials of the boy before getting involved seriously. Do make a check of all the claims and his whereabouts to be sure of what you are getting into.
  • Do not trust online dating sites: Since you are based in India and the guy in the US, make sure to only date him if you have mutual relatives or friends. Never trust the claims of any boy as per his credentials mentioned on online dating sites.
  • Don’t trust people blindly: Even if you meet your boyfriend through some common friends, still make sure to do a background check. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Be yourself: Once you are sure about the guy, you can date him. But make sure to be yourself while doing so. It is easy to get cowed down by towing the line for a date in front of a guy who hails from the place that invented the whole concept but does remember it is you who he is trying to woo and so be yourself and leave a mark.
  • Meet the family: make sure to meet the boy’s family often and try to get to know them better. This will help you also to ascertain the real him which is hiding behind the tough guy.
  • Pride for the country: never try to put down your country or its traditions and customs by defaming it in front of a US boy. Rather, try and get him more familiar with your culture. The sense of superiority should germinate from one’s achievements and not origins.

Make sure to keep these things in mind while you are dating a boy who is based in the USA. Here’s wishing you all the best!

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USA Dating – Dating US based girls is different from an Indian girl as they have been brought up in a slightly different environment. A modern US girl who is raised in a conservative traditional home finds a contradictory cosmopolitan environment outside her home which creates a conflict in her innate behavior. So there are several dos and don’t we shall prescribe here that need to be taken care of when you are dating a USA based girl.

Do not make food the only conversation- It’s a fact that Indians are passionate about food but it’s not the only thing in their mind all the time. It is to be noted that asking her whether “your mom is a great cook?” all the time could turn her away from you. One can definitely praise their eternal kajal lined dove eyes or her beautiful hair for sure, or about their dusky skin( not all some north Indians are fair skin colored too); but definitely nobody would like to hear about curries or paranthas all the time.

Discuss work- Just like the men; girls too are doing well in their professional life, so they are capable of having their own mindset. As conversation starters, you could talk about their work and the educational background.

Bollywood- not necessarily an interesting topic- Many will think that taking some Bollywood inspiration could work but it can also be a chance that the girl might not be an ardent Bollywood fan. Although Aishwarya, Shahrukh Khan, and Hrithik are the popular ones even in the US. Gauge if she likes movies and only then talks about it.

Dating is supposed to be an initial phase from where a couple of friends could become eternal life long partners. In India, it’s supposed to be a taboo but in western society, it is a normal concept. So watch out for the signs. Some Indian families in the US are orthodox so the parents may not be okay with their daughter going on dates. So you need to work around the rules of the house and meet the girl if you really like her and see a future with her

Love and marriage is an important aspect of life especially so for an Indian parent who is struggling to raise their kids in a western society. So while dating a girl who is based in the US but essentially an Indian there will be a mix of tradition and modernity. Understand it and then make the necessary moves.

These handy tips will surely help in finding the right US-based Indian girl for you, who has the perfect blend of modernity and traditionalism.

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What to Look Out for a Groom in your Second Marriage

If we lived in a perfect work where love and happiness were the two most cherished and wanted things, there would be only ‘happily ever afters’ with man and wife married for life. There would be no room for any kind of misunderstanding, arguments, and fallouts. But we live in a world far from perfect where a partner dies much before the other, leaving the spouse grieving for the rest of their lives. Many marriages fall apart due to reasons are known as well as unknown. Hence, it is important that we do not get disheartened by it and look for a partner but definitely be careful in the selection second time around. We help you find the near perfect groom for your second marriage.


second marriage
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Compatibility– After having gone through one marriage and setting your life with your partner it is difficult to find the same level of comfort and ease with another person but life moves on and you need to go along with the tide. So the next time around you should look out for compatibility with your partner. Check if he has the same temperament as you if he likes to do similar things, if you can have a conversation with him without having the feeling of being judged and if you are comfortable in his company.

Likes and dislikes– It is important to have a partner who is also your companion for which you need to have similar likes and dislikes. Or at least be open to trying out each other’s hobbies and interests. If you are an outdoor person and want him also to enjoy it as much introduce it to him much before you say ‘I do’. See his interests and likes and dislikes. If you feel he is totally different from you then it is straightaway a no-go. Similarly, try to understand his likes and dislikes and imbibe them into your life.

Family background– It is important to have complete family support especially when you are tying the knot for the second time as they are and will always be your support system. If you can find a groom from a similar background it would be the best as it would ease out some things like language, food habits, traditions, and rituals. Also, it is important to have someone from your strata of the society so that your level of thinking matches on some level.

Financial background– Finances play a huge role in a second marriage because it is a conscious decision that you are making and it is not one of those love at first sight instances. So ensure that your groom to be has a sound financial background to be able to support you and if you have any children. The type of work he does also hold a lot of meaning because it makes life simpler and easier.

It takes the time to build relationships but slowly and steadily they work out. With these few yet important tips on finding a groom, you would surely have no problems in getting the perfect mate, the second time around. Many matrimony sites have a special section for second marriages. You should have a look at them.

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What to Look for a Bride in your Second Marriage

Getting married and looking for the perfect match is in itself a herculean task which gives the best of individual’s nightmares. Yet millions take the plunge daily around the globe and most sail smooth. None can pinpoint the raison d’etre for a wedlock working out right, and vice -verse. It can be safely said that the institution of marriage is a wonderful one to live but difficult to understand. The difficulty could increase a notch when one needs to go through the process of selection and rejection another time. Though experience could help you, yet with a “failure” behind you, one could feel apprehensive. We give you some pointers that would help you find the perfect bride for the second time.


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Unbiased views-The most important aspect to remind oneself as one goes looking for a bride is to remain unbiased and see the individual separated from the previous experience, which would probably have been a bitter one. It is important to keep the experience as a positive tool for having understood one’s own self and needs from the prospective spouse.

What to look for? – The aspects that one would want to see in the prospective bride would include adaptability as a benchmark for moving forward. With most second marriages set to be at a more mature age, this facet would define how the couple would be able to settle down and move forward in life. In addition, common likes, hobbies or aspects would be largely helpful in finding common ground and a kickoff point towards a future relation.

Commitment-  As one goes in for a second marriage it very important for a sense of commitment to be evident from the prospective bride, as it is a value which will ensure that the will to hold a marriage through the ups and downs is there. It is also important to understand the reasons for the breakdown of her first relation as this gives an insight into the complete person.

Background details– A background check to confirm her credentials and to safeguard from imposters who use love to fleece people would be largely recommended. This check must include a check on family background, schooling, and colleagues from work and friend.

One important aspect of safeguarding from is to not get married during the rebound phase and mistaken infatuation for love or commitment. Asking yourself the question if you have overcome the emotional turmoil of the first wedding should safeguard you from the fall.

Advice from close ones– Friends and family would also be key witnesses in this issue and must be taken advice off, as required. Matrimony sites also have good tips on this issue. You must have a look at them.

A long courtship and engagement – to – marriage period would ensure a deeper understanding of the person. Especially in the second run, one could be biased by the previous experiences and thus, having a long period of togetherness one would be well placed in life.

As is well known, there are no real checklists and answers to getting married and finding the perfect match. One must go with the gut feeling and ensure that you are committed and happy from within. Only this can guarantee a safe and happy marriage, especially the second time around.

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Escape the Dowry System in Kerala Marriages and Effects

Marriages in Kerala involve a lot of dowries Mostly this dowry is given in the form of gold that the bride wears on the wedding day. It’s also given as in the form of vehicles, houses/flats, land and other material things which could be converted into easy money without any hassle. The amount of given as dowry depends upon the financial status of bride’s family and in 99% cases, it is this factor which decides the amount that is to be presented as dowry to the groom. Accepting dowry is illegal and it also creates a sort of barrier between the husband and wife after the marriage. To make sure that the marriage is a byproduct of understanding and love between the couple and family, one must escape the dowry system in Kerala marriages. This step could create a sort of example and help mitigate the tradition of giving an exorbitant amount of money in the form of dowry.  Here are some illogical and socially backward counter points highlighting the importance of dowry in Kerala –


kerala brides dowry
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  • A lady is always perceived as the dependent while man as an independent. In Kerala, it is believed that a girl is to be taken care of by her husband. In order to make this seem better and a little fair and eliminate the feeling of a burden to groom’s family, dowry always help gives a short of cushion to the family.
  • Many families believe that giving a significant amount of dowry makes sure that their daughter is given due respect in her in-law’s place and is treated with respect and a fair degree of happiness that she did not turn up an empty hand.
  • Dowry in the form of gold and jewelry is also treated as gold and most families treat it as a status symbol in society. It is sort of treated as a gift and many parents feel that their daughter should not feel any lesser and live with full authority in her in-law’s home.

Repercussions of dowry system

  • Dowry creates an inequitable society and promotes greed, it makes many people demand dowry from poor families which result in the quite disturbing situation and a lot of girls suffer on this count.
  • Another quite unfair point about dowry is that it promotes a lack of understanding between husband and wife. There are many wives that are just treated as rewards or trophies and do not get the respect or self-esteem that independent women get.
  • Wealthy people who load their daughters with excess gold and money create a rift in society and make it a dividing place. Since the marriages witness exorbitant spending, it surely creates a divide where poor girls are snatched of even basic things like clothes and suitable wedding dress.
  • Dowry is highly unethical and makes women feel inferior as to sort of that they are compensating their stay in the house of their husband. This makes for quite a disturbing environment and makes Kerala matrimonial quite unsatisfied and declining of the level and living standard.

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Unique Lighting Ideas for a Kerala Wedding

Nothing sets the mood for a perfect wedding than lighting, a perfect lighting can enhance the venue of the wedding in an exciting way and helps create a phenomenal setting. From chandeliers to twinkling string lights, and candles to luminous pin spotting, a perfect lighting does help in creating an ambiance that is bright, charming and full of energy. Lighting can be used to create a wedding theme and it also helps inculcate the feeling of festivity and enjoyment. Illumination is something that can turn an ordinary space into an extraordinary venue which helps create a memorable scene while making the wedding a long remembered affair. Therefore a Kerala matrimonial couple should go for extraordinary lighting in their marriage to make the occasion one of its kinds. Here are some unique ideas for a Kerala wedding that can create a magical feel and make the wedding simply unrealistic


lighting ideas
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  • A match and mix of hanging lanterns and candles among thick strands of tulle make for one bewitching ceiling. The candles placed under the lanterns help create quite an interesting spectacle and heightens the brightness in the most simplistic manner.
  • Bistro lights hung on a tree in a group or with the branches outside the home or venue makes for a wonderful viewing and help create a quite an interesting decoration. These lights can be hanged up using plenty of styles like rolling them around the tree as well as creating a flow along the branches to simply enhance the luminosity and give an enticing effect to the venue.
  • One of the most interesting and exciting illuminating styles for a Kerala wedding could be beautiful hanging chandeliers of different type and styles. Chandeliers bring glamor and an understated look to the decoration and create a feel that is above elegant and simply sophisticated. The best thing about chandeliers is that they can be used inside as well as outside with aplomb and create a wonderful laminating spectacle.
  • When it comes to lighting the venue in a Kerala wedding, you could also opt for laser lights. This could prove a little flashy but if managed properly and perfectly, it could end up giving an interesting feel to the wedding while making the guests gyrate over latest music and disco tracks for a perfect celebration. The laser lights can be synced with projector lights and help create a wonderful ambiance which is serene and highly sophisticated.
  • There are many Kerala weddings that take place during daytime or at evening in open or at beaches. It is at this time you can take help of balloon shape lights, wish lanterns as well as luminaries for creating an interesting scene and create an atmosphere that is subtly bright and ever so wonderful. This one lighting idea can also be used as a send-off for the bride and makes for quite an appealing and charming scene. Thus creating a vivid and wonderful event while giving people the opportunity to enjoy in a free flowing manner.


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Hairstyle Ideas for a Brahmin Bride with Short Hair

Wedding is a very special and memorial day for the bride and bridegroom. It makes them enter into a new phase of their life. As wedding day starts coming closer, the bride and the bridegroom gets involved in lots of preparations regarding their wedding dresses, accessories, make up, hairstyle, etc. If you are a Brahmin bride belong to Brahmin Matrimony, you must be wondering which hairstyle you should put on to look gorgeous on your wedding day. But you should remember that it is not just a wedding day but so many more functions also for which you have to prepare yourself.


Short hair brahmin bride
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In the movies and fashion shows, you must have seen actresses and models wearing stylish outfits and keeping gorgeous hairstyles. You must be craving to put on such a hairstyle in your wedding functions. But being a Brahmin bride you have to wear traditional wedding outfit on your wedding day so you should try hairstyles that will make you look stylish as well as traditional. If you have short hair, you should try hairstyle ideas that are given below-

  • Elaborate curls– Brahmin brides with short hair mostly like to have this hairstyle. It is the simplest style for bridal hairdo. You just have to make your hair curly and blow dry them. After this just slightly comb your hair. Give a partition for hair in the middle of your head to wear maang teeka which is usually worn by Brahmin brides. Styling your hair in this way would not take much time of yours and you can give time to other preparations as well.
  • Right side hairdo– This is an amazing hairstyle for Brides with short hair. You should opt for this hairstyle as it is really very simple to make. You just have to comb your hair and set all your hair right side of your head. You can do this with the help of hair pins and comb. Then put on a flower on right side of your head over your hair. Set up the flower using hair pins so that it will not fall down. Brides at Brahmin Matrimony just love to keep this hairstyle.
  • Puff on top– This is a very beautiful and easy hairstyle for brides with short hair. You just have to make a fine and fluffy puff on your head top using few hair pins. Avoid using vibrant colored hair pins as they will be more visible and then it will look bad. You can make this hairstyle more gorgeous by adding a crown or tiara over your puff.

Now you know how to style up your short hair for your bridal look. You can easily put on any of the hairstyles that are mentioned above. But don’t forget to keep hair clips and hair pins with you while making these hairstyles as you will need them in all these hairstyles. These hairstyles will make you look stunning and beautiful in all your wedding functions. Everyone will appreciate you for your unique hairstyle.

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Hairstyle Ideas for a Brahmin Bride with Long Hair

Among Brahmins, the brides are decorated in a traditional way. They have to wear a kanjeevaram saree on their wedding day. Kanjeevaram saree provides a gorgeous look to Brahmin brides. To add some more charm to your physical appearance, you should put on a stunning hair style. At your wedding, there will be so many people who will see you as you are the bride and hence you will be the center of attraction on your wedding day. You have to choose your hairstyle wisely as it will affect your whole physical appearance on your wedding day.

Brides at Brahmin Matrimony usually find it hard to put on a good hairstyle without the help of hairstylist. It is because they mostly choose very tough hairstyles. Fortunately, nowadays stylists have introduced lots of trendy and beautiful hairstyles for Brahmin brides with long hair. Some of these trendy hairstyles are given below


on rose patels
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  • Long decorated plait– Usually brides at Brahmin Matrimony prefer long decorated plait as their wedding hairstyle. This is the most common Brahmin bridal hairstyle. A long decorated plait gives Brahmin brides a traditional yet gorgeous look. This hairstyle is quite simple. You just have to make your hair plaited and then decorated them with beautifully patterned beads, flowers or anything that can make it more gorgeous. Brahmins call this hairstyle “Poola Jada” which means plait made up of flowers.
  • Decorated fluffy bun – Brahmin brides find this hairstyle most comfortable to put on. You should also try this one. You just have to comb your hair properly and then make a bun with all your hair. Keep your bun fluffy and decorate it with flowers or beads. You can also decorate it with gold plated hair clips as they will go well with your Kanjeevaram saree.
  • Fusion style– If you want to look traditional and stylish both on your wedding day, you should try out fusion hairstyle. On one side of your head, you just have to make a low chignon or a braided bun. Wear a traditional and beautiful head gear. Team it up with the statement earrings to have a gorgeous look. This hairstyle is suitable with traditional style lehenga or saree.

Silky long hairs are the most precious thing for a girl. You can put on any type of hairstyle whether it is trendy or traditional. If you are going to wear a traditional style kanjeevaram saree on your wedding, then you can opt for hairstyles like decorated fluffy bun or long decorated plaited hair. On the other hand, if your wedding dress is a lehenga then you can try out fusion style for a hairdo. You have to look stunning in all your wedding functions and ceremonies. You will have to wear different dresses on each ceremony. You should try a different bridal hairstyle for each wedding function so that you will look unique in every function and you can amaze everyone. Be ready for your wedding in a style that suits you and makes you look more stunning.

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