Easy Housekeeping Tips for Newly-Wed Working Women

Household chores are a tough job, especially when you are a working woman with a super busy schedule. And once you get married and decide to continue working, this job becomes even more hectic. Everyone from your hubby to your new family and in-laws expects that your lovely abode should be spic and span all the time. Even if that is not the case, you yourself want to be that cleanliness freak, whose house is spotless all the time. Hence, there are times, when maintaining a balance between the household work and official work becomes a tough task for all newly-wed working women. What to do in such a scenario? Well, have no fear! We bring you some easy, quick and simple housekeeping tips, which will ensure you a neat house all the time: Shadi.com is the best matrimony website for matchmaking.

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  • Establish priorities: make a list and pick out the things that need to be done first. Make sure to do those chores first, without which the general running of the house gets hampered. This way, you’ll clearly know what to do and when to do it.
  • Keep cleaning the cluttered side by side: If possible, keep cleaning the clutter and mess side by side. Never let it pile up, because that way, you must do all the work in one go, which will take a huge amount of time and eat up into your relaxation time.
  • Use vacuum cleaners: Though they are not as popular in India, vacuum cleaners are a blessing for newly-wed working women. They are available in various sizes, which make cleaning a quick and tireless job.
  • Dust your house on alternate days: It is best to fix a schedule for dusting your house. If you especially live in a dusty area, make sure to dust your house, but on alternate days. Everyday dusting can become tiring and tax for a working woman.
  • Be organized: It is best to be organized right from the word go. Make sure to have organized and neat wardrobes and kitchen cupboards. Also, make it a point to label all your kitchen masalas and other items, so that there is no confusion at the last minute.
  • Hire help: If you find that keeping up with household work and professional work is taking a toll on your health and eating up your time, then it is best to hire helpers and maids to do basic housekeeping tasks like sweeping, mopping, dusting etc. Getting these little tasks will help you immensely in the long run.
  • Keep a day for organizing your house: Keep a day within the entire week free to complete all household tasks and get your house in order. Do a deep cleaning of the house on this day. This way, you can do by doing the superficial cleaning of the house on daily basis.

With these tips, you can surely have a clean and tidy house, despite being a working woman after marriage. Your house will remain sparkling and your mind, at rest.

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