How to Set your New Home Within Budget

Every person has a dream of having a happily ever after kind of a fairytale life with the one you love and helps you choose the perfect life partner to live your dream of the fairytale life! To live in a place that you can call your own, your dream house, your home! An abode, where you lead a comfortable life with your beloved. However, setting up your dreamland with your beloved can be quite a task. One of the toughest challenges that most newly-wed couples face is to set up their new house. Not only is it physically tiring, it tends to take a toll on your finances as well. In such a case, there might be chances that you end up compromising on certain things, just to remain financially stable.  So, what if someone tells you, that it is possible to set-up your new house, your own way while saving money? an exciting prospect, isn’t it? So, we here have some handy tips for new couples, which will help them set up their new house, within budget:




  • Prioritize your needs: First and foremost, sit down as a couple and collectively make a list of things that you need first and most importantly in your new house. Based on your collective decision only, start shopping.
  • Give your house a personal touch: rather than hiring professional help, it is better to give your house a personal touch. Paint your house in abstract patterns and decorate it with things that you have created personally with your own hands. This way, you will not only give your house an ethnic and personal touch but also end up saving money.
  • Shop online: Most things available online are cheaper in cost in comparison to the same things which are available in the market. Hence, online shopping for household items is highly recommended if you want to save money.
  • Shop for refurbished items: A refurbished item is a used thing, but it is certified for further use. You can buy these redone items to save money. However, before the purchase, make sure that the dealer is certified and not selling you a thing which looks good but is bad on the inside.
  • Bring in your old stuff: It is not necessary that a new house requires new things. Don’t hesitate in bringing in your old but good stuff that you were using before you got married. Not only will this save you money, it will also ensure you are comfortable with the things that you are using.
  • Purchase on EMI: It is best to buy expensive items, especially furniture, electronics etc. on EMI’s or easy monthly installments. This way, you can buy things of your choice and keep paying for it monthly in easy installments.

There is always a chance for a newly-wed couple to get carried away while making purchases for their new abode. However, it is advisable to be sensible while setting up your dream house. So, follow these given tips, and you are sure to fulfill your dream, that too within a set budget. All the best!

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