Hairstyle Ideas for an Oriya Bride with Long Hair

Long hairstyles for any occasion always create an unforgettable impression. Regardless of the beauty and look of your outfit or how you’ve done your makeup, your hairstyle can make or break your entire look. People tend to look at and remember the maiden with long, beautiful locks. Longer hair is not so common these but is still coveted and sported by the ladies. Weddings are those occasions when all young women would try to look their best. Almost every bride keeps wondering about what to do with her beautiful long locks.

You leave the hair open or braid it, make a bun or may be embellished that with flowers, you have an array of options at your bay. In Oriya Matrimony, the best thing about long hairstyles is that they are an amalgam of North and South India’s best ones. Since Orissa falls quite in the middle demographically, there’s an option and scale to do a number of hairstyles for the long hair, which is quintessentially not from this state. Young brides are open to experimenting with their long locks and the results are, well, magical!

  • The retro proof style: Very much a North Indian pattern, you could definitely try it out for your wedding function. A closer look at it will tell you that it isn’t a regular one. You circle up thin strands of hair to create that retro look. The curls are swept to one side, which is very popular these days. However, the main attraction of this style is the attractive hair-band used. It takes the whole hairstyle to another level. You can also wear this look sans the band.
  • Braid with one twist: The messy braid look is the newest sensation in Oriya Matrimony. The hair is curled by entailing small sections, which are half tied with beautiful flower object or accessory. Then, mostly the lower half of your hair is tied within a very loose and flexible braid. The entire concept looks absolutely awesome. You can go for a side parting with little fringes for the front.
  • The classic braid: This is the simple and elegant Indian look which most Oriya brides do. It’s one of those timeless and basic hairstyles for long hair that looks stunning and very neat. Almost all Sikh brides and South Indian brides also go for this look. The braid is thoroughly accessorized with appealing gold look clips. The full look is extremely elegant and core Indian. Its Indian essence comes from the fact that it’s long, original and very earthy type of style. You can also make a braid after creating high bun on it.
  • Sectioned bunny: On a first look, you have small hair section circled up over the simple bun. The hair’s front portion is also sectioned very well. It gives little or no volume to the main crown area sans opting for any regular proof. Many stylists recommend it for Orissa brides.

Apart from this, evergreen curls and the straight and sleek hairstyle also go very well with long locks. The idea is to bring out the beauty of your hair and keep the mirth of your culture intact.

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