Ideas to Decorate a Stage for an Oriya Wedding

Any Oriya Matrimony will not be complete without proper decorations. The frill and decorations not only enlivens and beautifies the environment and surroundings but do fill the entire atmosphere with a positive energy. There are renowned decorators and suppliers who provide the finest quality materials to make it possible. The main venue is segregated into various. While the stage acquires a monumental importance because that’s where the maximum action takes place, there are other decorations that play an equally important role in uplifting the spirit of the occasion.


Oriya wedding stage decor


There are many innovative ideas to make the entire venue attractive and lively. Starting with the stage and following it up with the associated ones will the best way to make the occasion grand.

  • For stage decorations: The wedding stage is the spot where the main action happens. It’s this place where you tie the knot; take the seven rounds around the holy fire, and where the sanctimonious rituals take place amidst the holy incantations. You can cover the stage typically with a maroon carpet with posters bedecked with flowers. These are placed on its buntings on the sides and on the four corners. Some innovative décor themes for the stage can be the usage of flashing LED bulbs and lights rather than floral garlands.
  • The other stage ideas: You can also create a small fountain with clean, gurgling water safely placed in one corner of this stage. It gives a cool and pretty ambiance. You can place smoke generators beneath the stage and program it in such a way that it releases small amounts of fancy, harmless smoke sans any drift around the main block. This will surely give the entire space a lofty and heavenly look and feel. If marriages are made in heaven, it’s only becoming to replicate a divine setting. Isn’t it?
  • The backdrop decorations: This is most important after the stage. Your wedding stage’s backdrop is something that catches your eye the moment you step inside the hall. It’s that part which enhances the main stage’s appeal and grandiosity. In an Oriya Matrimony, you can usually decorate the backdrop with flowers of all colors and hues. Innovative ideas for this backdrop will be to create water cascading down a wooden parchment or a mirrored wall. Either way, it looks exquisite. You can also adorn the backdrop with a large collage of snapshots of the bride and groom with their families. Nothing is more sweet and beautiful than this.
  • Reliving the backdrop: You can also embed the backdrop with colorful and strong glass panes of various sizes and hues. This is similar to those present in the Rajasthan palaces. You can also depict snippets or glorious moments from Oriya history in a huge image. That’d render a distinctive touch and appeal to the backdrop.
  • Flower decorations: They play a crucial role in creating the wedding mood. In a majority of Orissa marriages, gerberas and marigolds are traditionally used in this segment.

You can hand or drape large garlands on the walls, backdrop, and stage. Tulips, orchids, baby Roses, and carnations are great examples in this regard. They give a delicate and softer aura to the entire ambiance.

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