Traits That Can Make a Perfect Oriya Couple

While the reasons behind falling in love remain mostly a mystery, the definite reasons for staying in love are comparatively less elusive. You need to know that there might be no such thing as a perfect or ideal couple or partner, but an ideal one can be found in a couple who have developed themselves in particular ways that transcend beyond mere attraction, looks, success, and charm. Although people seek a specific set of things and qualities that are uniquely relevant to them, there are some psychological characteristics a couple strives for to make their relationship stronger and go for lasting success.

In Oriya Matrimony, the society is mostly conservative. Even if there are couples, the equation remains very close and vintage. The husband-wife bond hasn’t yet become that new age dynamo where there rigorous complications and inconsistent attachments. Nowadays, problems arise due to the social stake, ego, competition and lack of communication. However, Oriya couples in majority show a much better understanding and the reasons are obvious.

  • The act of maturing: Ideal couples are willing to reflect on their past. With time, they possess a fine maturity that emerges from being emotionally emancipated and liberated from their descent or family of origin. These couples develop a strong sense of autonomy and independence, having the psychological shuffle and shift from girl to woman and boy to man. Having broken their ties to old patterns and identities, the couple is available for one another and the new family they’ve built. They understand each other in a new light and new space, giving each other a space to live and not just exist.
  • Making compromise: This is the most important part. When two persons share the same place and same zone for a long time, bitterness or confusion is bound to come. The love-lit circle you’re soaked in once will disappear or fade away in time and the best couples develop a beautiful, unbreakable friendship. It’s this bond that stays forever. And wherever there is friendship, there’s selflessness. You compromise on many things without a second thought. That might be office, kids, grocery, banking, daily chores or the kitchen. It’s okay to accept fault even when you know that you have nothing wrong. A little sorry or okay makes the bond stronger and makes the other person feel wanted and empowered.
  • Being non-defensive and open: The ideal couples are undefended and open. They are willing to remain vulnerable, resulting in being receptive and approachable to feedback sans being overly sensitive or resistant to any topic. This openness also enables you to be forthright in showing your desires, dreams, thoughts and feelings. It also includes a huge interest in sexual and personal development. This is a universal truth that couples, who are physically more intimate, quarrel less. Happy couples hug more, kiss more and show no signs of tiring.
  • Being honest and living with integrity: In Oriya Matrimony, like all other cultures, an ideal couple realizes the importance of loyalty and honesty in a relationship. You develop this honesty.

The best couples strive to live an esteemed life to thwart any discrepancies coming in their actions and words. This goes for all types and levels of communication, non-verbal and verbal.

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