Escape the Dowry System in Kerala Marriages and Effects

Marriages in Kerala involve a lot of dowries Mostly this dowry is given in the form of gold that the bride wears on the wedding day. It’s also given as in the form of vehicles, houses/flats, land and other material things which could be converted into easy money without any hassle. The amount of given as dowry depends upon the financial status of bride’s family and in 99% cases, it is this factor which decides the amount that is to be presented as dowry to the groom. Accepting dowry is illegal and it also creates a sort of barrier between the husband and wife after the marriage. To make sure that the marriage is a byproduct of understanding and love between the couple and family, one must escape the dowry system in Kerala marriages. This step could create a sort of example and help mitigate the tradition of giving an exorbitant amount of money in the form of dowry.  Here are some illogical and socially backward counter points highlighting the importance of dowry in Kerala –


kerala brides dowry


  • A lady is always perceived as the dependent while man as an independent. In Kerala, it is believed that a girl is to be taken care of by her husband. In order to make this seem better and a little fair and eliminate the feeling of a burden to groom’s family, dowry always help gives a short of cushion to the family.
  • Many families believe that giving a significant amount of dowry makes sure that their daughter is given due respect in her in-law’s place and is treated with respect and a fair degree of happiness that she did not turn up an empty hand.
  • Dowry in the form of gold and jewelry is also treated as gold and most families treat it as a status symbol in society. It is sort of treated as a gift and many parents feel that their daughter should not feel any lesser and live with full authority in her in-law’s home.

Repercussions of dowry system

  • Dowry creates an inequitable society and promotes greed, it makes many people demand dowry from poor families which result in the quite disturbing situation and a lot of girls suffer on this count.
  • Another quite unfair point about dowry is that it promotes a lack of understanding between husband and wife. There are many wives that are just treated as rewards or trophies and do not get the respect or self-esteem that independent women get.
  • Wealthy people who load their daughters with excess gold and money create a rift in society and make it a dividing place. Since the marriages witness exorbitant spending, it surely creates a divide where poor girls are snatched of even basic things like clothes and suitable wedding dress.
  • Dowry is highly unethical and makes women feel inferior as to sort of that they are compensating their stay in the house of their husband. This makes for quite a disturbing environment and makes Kerala matrimonial quite unsatisfied and declining of the level and living standard.

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