Hairstyle Ideas for a Brahmin Bride with Long Hair

Among Brahmins, the brides are decorated in a traditional way. They have to wear a kanjeevaram saree on their wedding day. Kanjeevaram saree provides a gorgeous look to Brahmin brides. To add some more charm to your physical appearance, you should put on a stunning hair style. At your wedding, there will be so many people who will see you as you are the bride and hence you will be the center of attraction on your wedding day. You have to choose your hairstyle wisely as it will affect your whole physical appearance on your wedding day.

Brides at Brahmin Matrimony usually find it hard to put on a good hairstyle without the help of hairstylist. It is because they mostly choose very tough hairstyles. Fortunately, nowadays stylists have introduced lots of trendy and beautiful hairstyles for Brahmin brides with long hair. Some of these trendy hairstyles are given below


on rose patels


  • Long decorated plait– Usually brides at Brahmin Matrimony prefer long decorated plait as their wedding hairstyle. This is the most common Brahmin bridal hairstyle. A long decorated plait gives Brahmin brides a traditional yet gorgeous look. This hairstyle is quite simple. You just have to make your hair plaited and then decorated them with beautifully patterned beads, flowers or anything that can make it more gorgeous. Brahmins call this hairstyle “Poola Jada” which means plait made up of flowers.
  • Decorated fluffy bun – Brahmin brides find this hairstyle most comfortable to put on. You should also try this one. You just have to comb your hair properly and then make a bun with all your hair. Keep your bun fluffy and decorate it with flowers or beads. You can also decorate it with gold plated hair clips as they will go well with your Kanjeevaram saree.
  • Fusion style– If you want to look traditional and stylish both on your wedding day, you should try out fusion hairstyle. On one side of your head, you just have to make a low chignon or a braided bun. Wear a traditional and beautiful head gear. Team it up with the statement earrings to have a gorgeous look. This hairstyle is suitable with traditional style lehenga or saree.

Silky long hairs are the most precious thing for a girl. You can put on any type of hairstyle whether it is trendy or traditional. If you are going to wear a traditional style kanjeevaram saree on your wedding, then you can opt for hairstyles like decorated fluffy bun or long decorated plaited hair. On the other hand, if your wedding dress is a lehenga then you can try out fusion style for a hairdo. You have to look stunning in all your wedding functions and ceremonies. You will have to wear different dresses on each ceremony. You should try a different bridal hairstyle for each wedding function so that you will look unique in every function and you can amaze everyone. Be ready for your wedding in a style that suits you and makes you look more stunning.

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