Hairstyle Ideas for a Brahmin Bride with Short Hair

Wedding is a very special and memorial day for the bride and bridegroom. It makes them enter into a new phase of their life. As wedding day starts coming closer, the bride and the bridegroom gets involved in lots of preparations regarding their wedding dresses, accessories, make up, hairstyle, etc. If you are a Brahmin bride belong to Brahmin Matrimony, you must be wondering which hairstyle you should put on to look gorgeous on your wedding day. But you should remember that it is not just a wedding day but so many more functions also for which you have to prepare yourself.


Short hair brahmin bride


In the movies and fashion shows, you must have seen actresses and models wearing stylish outfits and keeping gorgeous hairstyles. You must be craving to put on such a hairstyle in your wedding functions. But being a Brahmin bride you have to wear traditional wedding outfit on your wedding day so you should try hairstyles that will make you look stylish as well as traditional. If you have short hair, you should try hairstyle ideas that are given below-

  • Elaborate curls– Brahmin brides with short hair mostly like to have this hairstyle. It is the simplest style for bridal hairdo. You just have to make your hair curly and blow dry them. After this just slightly comb your hair. Give a partition for hair in the middle of your head to wear maang teeka which is usually worn by Brahmin brides. Styling your hair in this way would not take much time of yours and you can give time to other preparations as well.
  • Right side hairdo– This is an amazing hairstyle for Brides with short hair. You should opt for this hairstyle as it is really very simple to make. You just have to comb your hair and set all your hair right side of your head. You can do this with the help of hair pins and comb. Then put on a flower on right side of your head over your hair. Set up the flower using hair pins so that it will not fall down. Brides at Brahmin Matrimony just love to keep this hairstyle.
  • Puff on top– This is a very beautiful and easy hairstyle for brides with short hair. You just have to make a fine and fluffy puff on your head top using few hair pins. Avoid using vibrant colored hair pins as they will be more visible and then it will look bad. You can make this hairstyle more gorgeous by adding a crown or tiara over your puff.

Now you know how to style up your short hair for your bridal look. You can easily put on any of the hairstyles that are mentioned above. But don’t forget to keep hair clips and hair pins with you while making these hairstyles as you will need them in all these hairstyles. These hairstyles will make you look stunning and beautiful in all your wedding functions. Everyone will appreciate you for your unique hairstyle.

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