USA Dating – Dating US based girls is different from an Indian girl as they have been brought up in a slightly different environment. A modern US girl who is raised in a conservative traditional home finds a contradictory cosmopolitan environment outside her home which creates a conflict in her innate behavior. So there are several dos and don’t we shall prescribe here that need to be taken care of when you are dating a USA based girl.

Do not make food the only conversation- It’s a fact that Indians are passionate about food but it’s not the only thing in their mind all the time. It is to be noted that asking her whether “your mom is a great cook?” all the time could turn her away from you. One can definitely praise their eternal kajal lined dove eyes or her beautiful hair for sure, or about their dusky skin( not all some north Indians are fair skin colored too); but definitely nobody would like to hear about curries or paranthas all the time.

Discuss work- Just like the men; girls too are doing well in their professional life, so they are capable of having their own mindset. As conversation starters, you could talk about their work and the educational background.

Bollywood- not necessarily an interesting topic- Many will think that taking some Bollywood inspiration could work but it can also be a chance that the girl might not be an ardent Bollywood fan. Although Aishwarya, Shahrukh Khan, and Hrithik are the popular ones even in the US. Gauge if she likes movies and only then talks about it.

Dating is supposed to be an initial phase from where a couple of friends could become eternal life long partners. In India, it’s supposed to be a taboo but in western society, it is a normal concept. So watch out for the signs. Some Indian families in the US are orthodox so the parents may not be okay with their daughter going on dates. So you need to work around the rules of the house and meet the girl if you really like her and see a future with her

Love and marriage is an important aspect of life especially so for an Indian parent who is struggling to raise their kids in a western society. So while dating a girl who is based in the US but essentially an Indian there will be a mix of tradition and modernity. Understand it and then make the necessary moves.

These handy tips will surely help in finding the right US-based Indian girl for you, who has the perfect blend of modernity and traditionalism.

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