Unique Lighting Ideas for a Kerala Wedding

Nothing sets the mood for a perfect wedding than lighting, a perfect lighting can enhance the venue of the wedding in an exciting way and helps create a phenomenal setting. From chandeliers to twinkling string lights, and candles to luminous pin spotting, a perfect lighting does help in creating an ambiance that is bright, charming and full of energy. Lighting can be used to create a wedding theme and it also helps inculcate the feeling of festivity and enjoyment. Illumination is something that can turn an ordinary space into an extraordinary venue which helps create a memorable scene while making the wedding a long remembered affair. Therefore a Kerala matrimonial couple should go for extraordinary lighting in their marriage to make the occasion one of its kinds. Here are some unique ideas for a Kerala wedding that can create a magical feel and make the wedding simply unrealistic


lighting ideas
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  • A match and mix of hanging lanterns and candles among thick strands of tulle make for one bewitching ceiling. The candles placed under the lanterns help create quite an interesting spectacle and heightens the brightness in the most simplistic manner.
  • Bistro lights hung on a tree in a group or with the branches outside the home or venue makes for a wonderful viewing and help create a quite an interesting decoration. These lights can be hanged up using plenty of styles like rolling them around the tree as well as creating a flow along the branches to simply enhance the luminosity and give an enticing effect to the venue.
  • One of the most interesting and exciting illuminating styles for a Kerala wedding could be beautiful hanging chandeliers of different type and styles. Chandeliers bring glamor and an understated look to the decoration and create a feel that is above elegant and simply sophisticated. The best thing about chandeliers is that they can be used inside as well as outside with aplomb and create a wonderful laminating spectacle.
  • When it comes to lighting the venue in a Kerala wedding, you could also opt for laser lights. This could prove a little flashy but if managed properly and perfectly, it could end up giving an interesting feel to the wedding while making the guests gyrate over latest music and disco tracks for a perfect celebration. The laser lights can be synced with projector lights and help create a wonderful ambiance which is serene and highly sophisticated.
  • There are many Kerala weddings that take place during daytime or at evening in open or at beaches. It is at this time you can take help of balloon shape lights, wish lanterns as well as luminaries for creating an interesting scene and create an atmosphere that is subtly bright and ever so wonderful. This one lighting idea can also be used as a send-off for the bride and makes for quite an appealing and charming scene. Thus creating a vivid and wonderful event while giving people the opportunity to enjoy in a free flowing manner.


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