What to Look for a Bride in your Second Marriage

Getting married and looking for the perfect match is in itself a herculean task which gives the best of individual’s nightmares. Yet millions take the plunge daily around the globe and most sail smooth. None can pinpoint the raison d’etre for a wedlock working out right, and vice -verse. It can be safely said that the institution of marriage is a wonderful one to live but difficult to understand. The difficulty could increase a notch when one needs to go through the process of selection and rejection another time. Though experience could help you, yet with a “failure” behind you, one could feel apprehensive. We give you some pointers that would help you find the perfect bride for the second time.


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Unbiased views-The most important aspect to remind oneself as one goes looking for a bride is to remain unbiased and see the individual separated from the previous experience, which would probably have been a bitter one. It is important to keep the experience as a positive tool for having understood one’s own self and needs from the prospective spouse.

What to look for? – The aspects that one would want to see in the prospective bride would include adaptability as a benchmark for moving forward. With most second marriages set to be at a more mature age, this facet would define how the couple would be able to settle down and move forward in life. In addition, common likes, hobbies or aspects would be largely helpful in finding common ground and a kickoff point towards a future relation.

Commitment-  As one goes in for a second marriage it very important for a sense of commitment to be evident from the prospective bride, as it is a value which will ensure that the will to hold a marriage through the ups and downs is there. It is also important to understand the reasons for the breakdown of her first relation as this gives an insight into the complete person.

Background details– A background check to confirm her credentials and to safeguard from imposters who use love to fleece people would be largely recommended. This check must include a check on family background, schooling, and colleagues from work and friend.

One important aspect of safeguarding from is to not get married during the rebound phase and mistaken infatuation for love or commitment. Asking yourself the question if you have overcome the emotional turmoil of the first wedding should safeguard you from the fall.

Advice from close ones– Friends and family would also be key witnesses in this issue and must be taken advice off, as required. Matrimony sites also have good tips on this issue. You must have a look at them.

A long courtship and engagement – to – marriage period would ensure a deeper understanding of the person. Especially in the second run, one could be biased by the previous experiences and thus, having a long period of togetherness one would be well placed in life.

As is well known, there are no real checklists and answers to getting married and finding the perfect match. One must go with the gut feeling and ensure that you are committed and happy from within. Only this can guarantee a safe and happy marriage, especially the second time around.

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