Hindi Dating – In a country of millions, boys and girls are separated and discriminated in the initial stage itself; due to the values, morals, customs traditions and more. Starting from school days when boys and girls were made to sit separately. It was considered bad for a girl to have a male friend and vice versa. Even having a conversation with girls was a total taboo. Boys’ having male friends was natural but becoming friends with a new girl was not an option. With age, this gap kept on increasing and so the discomfort.


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If a boy ever tried to be friendly with girls he was laughed at and bullied as well. This brought the notion that a boy and girl can never be friends they can only date one another. Having a crush was also seen as normal but no friendship. So within this conservative set up, the boy grew up seeing women as an object of desire. So when a boy is instilled with such thoughts since childhood about the other sex his perception about dating and relationships and the way he reacts is pretty obvious.

So when you are dating a conservative Hindi speaking boy you must keep all this in mind and the fact that the Indian society is a male dominated one, where men usually run the household.

Ego issues– When dating a conservative Hindi speaking guy you must also bear in mind the male ‘ego’ which is very fragile too. It gets hurts if they see a woman being independent, doing better in work or life. They want the female to be a submissive kind and not one who has her own mind. If this is okay with you only then go ahead with dating a Hindi speaking boy.

Hypocrisy– part of the game- A typically orthodox Indian man would be okay if a girl wears a short dress, drinks and smokes as long as she is not his girlfriend or wife. They have a very narrow mindset instilled in them since they were kids when a child starts forming a perception about life around them. Thus, they are fine with having the company of hot girls at parties or to hang out with but with their partners, they would not like any of this. They would want their girls to be well clad, submissive and homely. This hypocrisy is annoying for some women but others might be fine with it.

So if you are a person who is on the other side of the table or to is stated as one who sees as girls can be on an equivalent platform as boys think about it before you date a conservative Hindi speaking guy.

This is the behavior of Hindi speaking guys is not always seen but most of the Indian men are such so be wary and gauge the boy you are planning to meet and then only take the final call.

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