Hindi Dating – When you are dating a conservative Hindi speaking girl you first need to determine what the limit is or what is conservative for her. You need to talk it out with her first. If her parents are conservative then they might oppose you marrying her, even to go on a date. Conservative Indian Hindus will never marry a low caste Hindus or non-Hindus.

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Dating is still a taboo in India; even the educated women in India are hesitant about dating. They decline the proposals when asked out. Maybe that’s due to the upbringing they have had. They have high moral standards taught to them by their teachers and parents.

Conversation builders– Even the modern education and affluent environment does not change the mindset. She may be an independent working girl but deep down inside she is a true ‘desi’ person. She might not show her belief in values and traditions but she truly believes in them. If you are dating a Hindi speaking conservative girl we would advise you to take things slowly and gradually. Talk to her about her likes and dislikes. Conversations are a true relationship builder.

Understand her family– If she is the conservative person her family must have had instilled these values in her. Make space for her family. Also always discuss the stuff which matters to her family. If you both are culturally non-similar; discuss and understand her culture and values.

Modesty– If you are dating a Hindi speaking girl who seems to be conservative too do not go overboard be modest in your actions. Modesty is the key to a long and accommodating relationship.

Respect her choices– Always respect your date. If she says no to a date, or to meet someone, or even for a drink you offer. Respect her choices and stand by her. It could be due to a certain way of upbringing or due to orthodox families.

Never compare– Love her as she is and does not ask her to be something which she is not or can’t be. Do not compare her with another woman; be it your mother, sister or any other lady.

When dating a Hindi speaking girl demarcate the boundaries of flirting. Especially so when she is conservative in nature. Never go over the top with her. Be your own true self-don’t try to be someone you aren’t because it won’t take you any further.

Give her your best time and space. This is something every woman would want and cherish. Giving space to her means you mustn’t judge her on the basis of what she wears, eats or drinks. She already had her parents deciding it for her all her life. Letting her be herself is the best thing you can do for her.

A typical Indian conservative Hindi speaking girl already has a lot of boundaries and rules set forth by her parents so it is important that you be her best companion, and you never know when just a date would turn into a lifelong relationship.

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