10 reasons why you can miss on to horoscope matching

The initial step towards fixing a Hindu wedding in India is matching of the kundali. Kundali Milan or Horoscope matching is considered to be the first and the most important thing while fixing a marriage of a couple. As per Indian astrology, it is considered very important to match the horoscopes of the boy and girl. As per the astrologers, it is a proper scientific way in which the kundalis are matched as per the ashtakoot method. The placements of the stars at the time of the birth of the boy and the girl are divided under 8 categories and matched accordingly. Ideally, a least of 18 out of 36 gunas are required for a good match and a happy marital life.


Indian Wedding Jweller
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Off late, horoscope matching has become very popular, especially in the case of arranged marriages. The parents of the could-be couple make it a point to have the horoscopes matched before proceeding further. While some consider kundali Milan to be bogus and refute it from the core, others believe it as an utmost necessity. Banking on this, we have recently witnessed the springing up of many websites which make horoscope matching easier at home. All you need to do is just fill in the birth details of the bride and groom and the portal will do the rest. However, unlike getting it matched from a real Pandit, we cannot be sure whether the predictions made are accurate or not. Let us now have a look at the pros and cons of getting the kundalis matched via pandi or online websites:

Horoscope matching through a pandit:


  • He is knowledgeable: Most pandits are masters in matching horoscopes. They know the science of science and planets well and hence prove to be more accurate than any virtual portal.
  • Can clear doubts: as common people, most of us don’t know much about horoscope matching. Hence, in case of any doubt, we can as Pandit ji face to face for a solution.
  • Can be held accountable: In case the couple doesn’t get along well, we can always go back to the Pandit and seek answers from him and hold him accountable for misguiding us.


  • Is expensive: A Pandit can ask for a large amount of money for matching horoscopes. Hence, it can turn out to be an expensive affair.
  • Can lead to superstition: For their monitory benefits, some Pandits can misguide you while matching horoscopes, leading to superstition.

Horoscope matching online:


  • It’s free: anyone can go online and match kundalis on such sites free of cost. Hence you save a lot of money.
  • Easy to use: using these sites is very easy. All you need to do is go online and fill in the required details. The software will do the rest.
  • Quashes superstition: Since a computer is doing all the work, there is no scope of any superstition to arise.


  • No accountability: A computer cannot be held accountable if in case anything goes wrong. Hence, you have no one to turn to.
  • No proof of authenticity: being laymen, we cannot be sure whether the predictions made are true or not.

So think over the given points and choose wisely. All the best!

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How to Make Your Dream Tamil Wedding A Reality?

Every person wants to make his/her wedding a dream event. Materializing this dream into a reality requires some planning and systematic preparation. How to make your dream Tamil wedding a reality?

Focus on using red and saffron colors judiciously

The grandeur of a Tamil matrimonial reaches new heights when you utilize red and saffron colors harmoniously and this approach empowers richness in the décor with utmost efficiency. These colors are symbols of sensuality and purity and, you must give utmost importance to these colors while decorating the wedding venue. If you want your wedding to be a dream-like event, you must be aware of this important aspect.


Indian Wedding Jweller
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Combine tradition and modernity

Traditional air can always be associated with a Tamil wedding ceremony and the wedding rituals like Panda kal muhurtham, Vratham and Pallikai tellichal, Naandi and Jaanavaasam, Nicchiyadharatham, Reading of Lagna pathirigai, groom reception, Mangala snaanam, Kashi Yatra, exchange of garlands and Kanyaadan are inspired ideas from tradition but you have to add an element of modernity with traditional elements to make your dream wedding a reality. Music can be incorporated into the wedding reception and you can hire a brand or a DJ to offer the guests a vibrant and lively experience. Some people even add entertaining games to add some fun element as well.

Incorporate new wedding concepts

You have to come out with some out of the box ideas to make your Tamil wedding really unique and entertaining. The venue of the wedding must be chosen after careful analysis. The traditional concept of conducting the wedding in an auditorium is an old concept and you can plan a destination wedding on an exotic beach. A theme for the wedding can be introduced and it can be mentioned in the invitations. The invitation card itself can be customized and creating a funny photobooth also adds glamour and fun to the event.

Seeking professional help makes things systematic

If you want to make your dream Tamil wedding a reality, you need professional guidance and hiring the services of a reputed wedding planner makes things systematic and effective. These professionals take control of everything and they always follow up with timely guidance and advice.

Go online to find some creative wedding ideas

The Internet offers everything you need and you can find a lot of creative ideas online. You can choose an inspiring idea and it can be customized based on your creativity and imagination. If you apply a little bit of creativity, you can make your Tamil wedding fun, memorable and romantic and you can seek the help of your friends for some ideas. The contributors can be thanked in notes after the wedding as well.

You have to make sure that when guests walk into your Tamil wedding ceremony, they feel like they are entering into a royal and grand affair. You need to pay attention even to the small details and make it as colorful as you can with the use of different colors, decorations and all other related aspects.

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What To Look Out For On A First Date With A Tamil Guy?

Even the Tamil guys living in urban cities like Chennai are that much forward in their attitude and actions compared to the new generation north Indian guys. When a girl starts talking the talk in a friendly way, they may not realize that she has some special feelings for him. She has to keep on making efforts to capture his attention. What to look out for on a first date with a Tamil guy?

Leave some subtle messages before the date

If you are really fascinated by a Tamil guy and believe in Tamil Matrimonial, you cannot ask him immediately for a date. Some preparatory steps are needed and you have to leave some small but subtle messages. These messages should convey that you like him and you are infatuated with him.  Your messages must also indicate that you want to know more about him. You should not ask for a date bluntly and there must not be any attempts to initiate the process of asking for a date immediately. Your messages and actions have to make him feel that you have a crush on him and wait for some time before going to date. Tamil guys are caring and passionate and they will start taking the initiative after some time.

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Heavy makeup is a turn off for a Tamil guy

Most Tamil guys prefer the natural beauty but that does not mean that you do not have to come without any makeup. Everything must be in moderation and you do not have to apply anything excess. If you do it in a simple and elegant way, you can create a magical effect and he is going to appreciate your looks.

Do not pretend that you are someone else

Tamil guys are brutally honest and they hate girls who pretend that they are someone else. You must behave in a natural way and be expressive about your likes and dislikes. Tamil guys love girls who are having an open mind and they run away from mysterious people. You can say whatever you feel without hurting his feelings and these guys will treat you like a queen if you behave in a natural way.

Display a caring attitude and be a good listener

You have to listen to him with so much attention and it helps you learn about him better. Moreover, you are giving an impression that you are a person with a caring attitude and it is going to create a positive impact on the Tamil guy you are dating with. Since these guys are emotional people, they always give great importance to these types of small gestures. Tamil guys will reciprocate with an equal amount of care and affection.

On the first date with a Tamil guy, you must find out whether he is a boyfriend material or not. There are shy Tamil guys but some guys are really talkative as well. You must decide whether his character and attitude compliment your personality and if you feel that he is the right guy, you can proceed with the relationship.

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Planning your finances for the perfect Bengali wedding

Bengali weddings are an extravagant and long affair and are usually scripted in layers. It involves a plethora of rituals driving on traditions and cultural faiths, finely created adornments, lip-smacking culinary delights and loud blessings showered the newlywed couple. Each Bengali ritual entails a significant role to an essay in the wedding festivity. Depending on your family, you’ll need to plan your wedding as per the followed customers. You must bear in mind that it might take a considerable amount of time to organize the Bengali Matrimonial ceremonies. So, it’s always better to plan them in advance and plan as per your budget.

Bengali Wedding Decoration
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Managing your finances is most important as Bengali weddings are a long affair. The list is too heavy to find one-size-fits-all modality. In order to manage your expenses, you need to get an insight of some of the most important things in the wedding. Just like the first stage of solving a problem is to first acknowledge the fact that there is one, you have to underline the areas of expenses to curb or manage your finances. It’s that simple.

  • Ceremonial planning: Deciding who executes main rituals of the day is important. You can hire a priest from a common source or a reputable agency. An old granny from your paternal side might also be required as she would know the rituals very well. Ask the priest to provide a list of things required for the wedding in accordance with your budget. Take the list to Dosho-karma bhandar and get it done.
  • Planning the celebrations: This part includes deciding on the catering, venue, lighting, topiary, fountains, flower arrangements and other necessities. If your place is too small and compact to accommodate to all bor jatri guests, you can book a hall or hotel based on the number of guests coming. You can hand over the decorations of the canopy and alter (Chand nat olla) to an experienced member with decorations or event manager. You need to remember that the most significant pictures of your wedding will be held at this stage. Decorating it properly is the main lookout.
  • The décor: This is one part that takes the chunk of finances along with the venue. While you can book banquet hall well in advance and not go for resort or lawn, you can do away with transformational and vibrant décor if you’re on a tight budget. Floral beads are expensive and you can do with simple flowers or paper-cuts to give that ornate feel.
  • Bride’s preparations: This is something that brainstorms all. Not just in a Bengali Matrimonial, but all other marriages in India make the bride as the cynosure. Planning her Banarasi saree with red and golden color and border becomes an imperative. You can hire aspiring beauticians to do the make-up and do away with exorbitant charged by bridal makeup artists these days.

Deciding on her jewelry is always within your financial scope and abilities. You can rather buy the pure gold and give it to the maker to craft it rather than purchasing it readymade. That’d save a lot of cash.

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Planning a Bengali wedding in Kumaon hills

Although Bengalis are not known for destination weddings like some other cultures of India, the new generation is a bit different and holds their views. Bengalis are acclaimed for their travels and traveling spirit and this takes them to mountains, hills, rivers and oceans. Planning a Bengali Matrimonial ceremony in Kumaon hills appears to be a scintillating venture. It’s not a big, fat, wide scale Pahari wedding, but a traditional Bengali wedding nestled in the lap of lofty and pristine hills of Uttarakhand’s Kumaon region, which is one of the most scenic and spiritual places in the country.

shreya saran in bengali bridal dress
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It’s all everyone’s cup of tea to organize a wedding here. This would be one of the best destination weddings and the theme, arrangements, and elders add to the great function. For those going through the cacophony of picking an ideal place for your D-day and entice guests to the mountain lap, you can check some most surreal places in the state.

  • Nainital: Well, it had to start with it. Cradled in the spectacular Kumaon region of Himalayas, this town is one of the best destinations to hold a grand wedding where you can also take your pre-wedding photoshoots. The scenic Nainital vistas are perfect for taking some candid snaps, spending some cherished moments near the lake and watch the beautiful sunset together at the famous Sunset point.
  • Mussoorie: This one’s tucked in the mesmeric vistas of scenic Dehradun. This is a quaint and lovely hill station in the Garhwal region that’d make your Bengali Matrimonial festivities a grand affair in its quintessential abode and kaleidoscope landscape. Apart from the perfect pre-wedding photos, if you want to host a lavish reception, then there are opulent banquet halls as well.
  • Dehradun town: Doon valley is an ideal place for your wedding and you can choose the venue from a cluster of distinguished farms, wedding halls, banquets and the beautifully manicured lush, sprawling gardens. The place is also famous for pre-wedding shoots at Asan barrage, FRI, splendid Dak Pathar and other places where you can preserve some precious moments.
  • Rishikesh and Haridwar: If you are a spiritual person and would want to hold the wedding right in between the celestial feel, these are places. It’s not opulent in grandeur but surely strongest in religious fervor and tradition. It’s like being witnessed and blessed by God only.
  • Planning your food and drinks: Well, the cost of food in the local market is higher than those in the plains. The reasons are obvious and you need to transport that from your place to the venue well in advance. You need to prepare an exhaustive list and put extra food as well because, in any emergency, it’d be difficult to get them. The marketplace at the mountains is not what you have in the city. So plan accordingly and beforehand.

Also, remember to arrange the catering part. You can hire local caterer as that would save a lot of money. Taking your caterers with you is expensive. The locals know the market and products and can help you in the hour.

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Pre wedding diet care for bride

The weddings are a big affair for a bride, after selection of groom and planning wedding on shadi.com. It’s that time in her life when she wants to look her perfect best, be it in what she wears, her makeup and her hairdo. But to make a beautiful bride the most important thing is to be fit and look fit. No amounts of jewelry, makeup or designer outfit will look good if she does not feel good. We give you a guideline on the kind of diet a bride should follow before her big day so that she can bedazzle everyone.


Slim bride
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It is important to lose weight, feel good and look fit but not at the cost of your health. Most brides try to do a crash course in dieting just before the wedding to lose inches and kilos. It only makes them look haggard and tired. A proper diet plan along with regular workout should be followed for about six months before the wedding for it to become a part of the system. Thereafter, there is no stopping you from looking like a diva on your wedding day.

Set a realistic goal– Everyone wants to look like their favorite Bollywood diva on the wedding day but one needs to be more realistic about it. If you are obese it won’t be possible to become Aishwarya Rai in just six months but you can definitely aim to lose some inches and a decent amount of kilos.

Water therapy– Water is the most essential part of any diet. It is pertinent that you take at least 3 liters of water every day but not after 7 pm. Thereafter, the intake should not be more than 1 liter as it will lead to water retention. In fact, it would be great to start the day with lukewarm water mixed with lemon juice and have a glass of hot water after 40 minutes of every meal. It helps burn the fat.

Junk Food- A big NO– All of us like to eat burgers, pizzas, and Maggie but the kind of harm it does to the body is unimaginable, especially to putting on oodles of weight. So stay miles away from all the yummy but fat junk food. You could keep one day in about 15 days for your favourite junk food just to satiate those taste buds but limit it to just that much.

A day well was begun– It is said that have your breakfast like a king and dinner like a pauper and this saying holds is true. Always have a good hearty breakfast that will give you all the energy to pull through the day. Have one good source of protein for breakfast, a cup of multigrain cereal and fruits.

Small meals– Like in most diets, it is best to have smaller meals but frequent ones. So besides the three main meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner add two more meals. Include roasted nuts, fruits, and steamed food in it. It will help to boost your metabolic rate.

The secret to the glowing skin– For a glowing skin include carrots, apricots, yellow and orange fruits, spinach or green vegetables and tomatoes in your meal. They contain lycopene that is good for the skin.

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Arranging your marriage through a matrimonial website- A boon or a bane?

With technology taking over our lives in today’s day and age, marriages are also arranged now through the virtual world. There are no more middle men and family matchmakers who would take on the task of finding mates for their own. Matrimony sites are now in vogue and do a decent job of finding a life partner but at times they can become a bane to handle. Let’s find out more about matrimony through sites like shadi.com.


Arranged Marriages
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Matrimony sites are a gift for those in search of a life partner. The virtual marriage world has made it convenient and easier to find the right match. All you need to do is fill in the requisite details, create a profile and you are set for finding that perfect mate to spend your life with. There is no need to contact far-flung relatives who you may not have spoken to for years just to enquire about any suitable match for your child or pay loads of money to middlemen who work as marriage brokers.

You also have the advantage of getting in touch with only those people who you think could be of interest as most details about the person are mentioned on the profile such as educational qualifications, ethnic background, interests, work values and more. Only if the profile seems interesting you can get in touch with them.


Matrimony sites might be the ideal way of finding a match for some but for others, it just takes away the charm of meeting like minded and also similar family background people through relatives and friends. Also, most people try to put their best foot forward on their matrimony profiles in order to impress but in actual the person might just be the complete contrast. It is very difficult to know about the authenticity of the person.

Also, today there are many sites available and all of them offer a plethora of choices and have millions of people on every site. It becomes very tedious and long drawn to choose from these profiles. Many times these profiles are fake and are made just to get contact details of girls that are later used for nefarious activities.

Matrimonial sites can be used to our advantage if we use them properly. They provide a good platform for those who have no prospective alliances within their circle. It is also a time saver for many. However, one should be careful of the fraudulent activities that take place on these sites and also give out genuine details of yourself and family.

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Marriages are made in heaven- Does it hold true?

It is said that marriages are made in heaven but does it really hold true in today’s world where the gadgets and gizmos have taken over our lives and we find everything from food, jobs, products and love by the click of a finger. Some may argue that there is a cosmic power that still works to bring two people in love together while others feel that marriages and love are man-made and is a manifestation of feelings and situations found on earth and a lot of work goes into making it work.

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The practical ones believe that marriages are not fairy tale romances where love suddenly strikes and it continues till eternity of life without any strife or struggle. In fact marriages involve a lot of adjustment and hard work on the part of both the partners. It is a work in progress all through their lives with many highs and lows. It is how you mold your relationship through these phases of life. This is the reason why some marriages last while others don’t. Marriage is a union of two people who need to give each other space, time and trust to value each other more than anything else. If we tread carefully on these significant parameters then marriages work beautifully. Else, there are more chances of a fall out as seen in today’s day and age. Increasing number of people are falling out of marriages than the ones getting into it.

However, the eternal romantics have faith in the proverbial phrase- Marriages are made in heaven. They trust that if you really believe in something the entire universe conspires to make it happen. So if two people are meant to be together the cosmic forces will work towards them coming close. Their union will not be stalled, stopped or affected by people, situations, and circumstances. Even in the marriage, they do not need to work towards making it happen because it will automatically get streamlined. Issues and problems will get resolved as they are meant to be. They are the Romeo Juliet variety who find romance in everything and feel love is an instinctive emotion that comes naturally to your soul mate.

A lot of inputs and opposing views on this matter are available in matrimony sites like shadi.com. They make for an interesting read as one gets to understand the minds of both sides. One needn’t take sides but find a mid-path and look out for that perfect mate who would complement you and complete you but at the same time work towards making the relationship work.

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Online dating v/s in person meeting: which is safer

In present times, everything thing is becoming digitalized. From books to gas stoves, all things have a digital alternative, which is much better than its predecessor. Not just that, even our personal lives are being dominated by digitization. From taking admission in a pre-school to finding love, all can be done at the click of a button. Off late, online dating has become a rage. With sites like tinder and match, it has become very easy for people to register online and try finding the person of their dreams. The anonymity these sites provide makes them all the more comfortable for an individual to find their prince or princess charming. However, there are always two sides to a coin.  While some believe that online dating is the “It” thing, there are others who believe that nothing can beat the charm of old school in person dating. Both the forms of dating have their own pros and cons, which are as follows:


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Online Dating:


  • More to choose from: A vast number people these days prefer online dating. You can meet and date anyone sitting in any corner of the world. Since the perspective is wide, hence you have more people to choose from when it comes to finding your prince charming.
  • Can be done any given time of the day: Online dating can be done at any given time of the day. So if you have had a tough day at the office, you can still talk to your beloved at late night.
  • Site suggestions and tools: The website helps you suggest and select people as per the details are given in your profile. This makes searching for the one you might click with easier.


  • Filled with liars: many times people lie about their age, appearance, like and dislikes on a dating site. Hence, the actual first date at times turns to be disappointing.
  • Online fraudsters: There are high chances that you may bump into an online fraudster or stalker you may trouble you later on.
  • Can be addictive: there may be a possibility that you may end up getting addicted to the websites, and end up spending your whole day living in a virtual world.

In-person meeting:


  • The possibility of having common friends: in the case of offline dating, you generally meet the person through common friends. Hence, the possibility of the person being bad is very rear.
  • Meeting face to face: Since you meet your date in person, you can hence be sure of what they look like and how they think. You can even judge them on the basis of their body language and gestures.
  • Background check: It is easier to check the background of a person when you have met him in real rather than a dating site.


  • Uncertainty about relationship status: If you meet someone through common friends and like him, you cannot be sure whether the person reciprocates your feelings or not, which can be unsettling.
  • Socially withdrawn: when you date a person offline, you tend to become socially withdrawn as you spend most of the time with him rather than anyone else.

Online or offline dating is totally a matter of personal choice. However, one should weigh the pros and cons in detaining before taking the leap. Choose well!

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Is online dating safe

The saying goes that the world is a small place, and with the rapid expansion of technology, it is becoming smaller by the minute. The power of the internet is such that it has literally brought the world to out finger tips. From reading your favorite book to dating a person of your choice, all things can be done at the click of a button. Off late, online dating has become a rage. With sites like tinder and match, it has become very easy for people to register online and try finding the person of their dreams. The anonymity these sites provide makes them all the more comfortable for an individual to find their prince or princess charming. However, there are always two sides to a coin.  While dating sites can be fun, they also prove to be a breeding ground for stalkers. Many times we come across news items where dating online has gone terribly wrong, spoiling lives many times. But does it mean that we shy away from online dating totally? The answer is a definite no. Just because of some dirty fish, the whole pond should not be deemed unclean. Where there are failures, there are success stories as well. We come across many happy couples who met online and become life partners later on. However, there are some tips that you should keep in mind for your own safety when you are dating online:


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  • Research of the partner’s profile: Make sure to check the profile of a person thoroughly before taking the leap. Search for images and information online to make sure you are not dealing with a fake profile or stalker.
  • Don’t give out personal details: Never ever give out personal details like your residential address, phone number, official address, e-mail ID etc. on your online dating profile. Doing so is no less than inviting the devil himself into your home.
  • Don’t share your photos: It is better not to share your pictures online until the time you have the person in real. This can lead to your pictures being used in a wrong way, the results of which can be awful.
  • Privacy settings: Make sure to set your profile in such a way that it is only seen by a selected few, rather than the whole public. This will ensure your safety.
  • Meet in a public place: Make sure to meet the person you want to date in a crowded public place rather than a secluded venue. Also, make sure not to go to his place or call him home until the time you are sure about continuing your relationship.
  • Involve a friend: Always confide into a close friend about the person whom you are dating online. Give him or her all the details and take their opinion. If possible, then request your friend to accompany you on your first date.

Keep the given tips in mind and make your online dating a hassle free experience. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry! So be careful and enjoy!

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