When a Brahmin girl decides to keep working after marriage-

Brahmin women have been considered to be highly intellectual and hard working, nevertheless, not just the caste that matters, but their thinking level is believed to be rather high. Other than the high-end intellectual level, Brahmin women are believed to be punctual and give their 100 percent when in work. In the current generation, working and owning a job is quite common, irrespective of what caste they belong to. But being a Brahmin girl, there are a different set of merits and demerits.


Brahmin Bride
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The merits of working even after marriage are many that are given below-

  1. Owing to the intellectual level- Being from the open, and being a married Brahmin woman, the way and the level of the working of the brain of women are high, they believe. And also, Brahmin women, after Brahmin matrimony becomes responsible towards work and their responsibilities.
  2. The Brahmin matrimony society- No matter how digitized the world is, and how much the technology has developed, In India caste still matters. Being from the Brahmin background and a housewife only earns you a lot of respect in the workplace. There’s a lot of dignity associated with it.
  3. In some households, the support from the husband would be intense in the case of working outside.

There are certain demerits as well, these are listed below-

  1. The Brahmin culture doesn’t allow the women of the family to go out and work. It has been the common practice and the common belief that has been continuing since ages and years altogether. Women are supposed to look after the spiritual and ritual roles.
  2. For Brahmin wives, there’s an immense amount of responsibility that rests with them to bring up their children, to keep up the rituals of the Brahmins and to pull up the spiritual level of the family as well. So obviously, for the women belonging to this caste, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage work-family- beliefs balance.
  3. The society always has a say in the functioning of the woman’s life, in India. Women don’t really get the freedom to work after getting married because the society believes that women are supposed to take care of the family, their children and their marital life. Also, the kids don’t get the entire privilege of the parenting when the Brahmin, too, works. Kids inculcate a lot from their mothers in the Brahmin household. More than the men, women are supposed to have a deeper understanding of spiritual level. Hence, children of Brahmin families rely a lot on their mothers and learn a lot from them.
  4. Brahmin culture and background is immensely positive that gives out positive and spiritual vibes all around. Also, Brahmin women are more into the rituals and they tend to miss out on that when they happen to work too. It is increasingly difficult for them. Hence, in the later years of their lives, they don’t have much to pass on to the younger generations. Even this turns out to be a bit of disadvantage.

Working after marriage or not, is solely the decision of the duo- husband and wife and the families. In the changing times, society doesn’t always play a role. But it’s all dependent on the place and the kind of job that is involved.

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