When an Oriya girl decides to keep working after marriage: Merits and de- merits

The people of Odisha come from different types of culture and social background and most of them are gods fearing as well as highly disciplined. One thing about people of Odisha that distinguishes them from others is that they are quite orthodox and believe firmly in their traditions and culture. Oriya matrimony, therefore, plays a crucial role in the society and are performed with great fervor and interest.

Since marriage is a union of two people who come together to spend their whole life, girls in marriage supposed to take the traditional route and become a housewife. But of late, girls in Odisha have become quite advanced and they consider themselves no less than men when it comes to securing a job and earning money. Since, there is always a debate about whether Oriya girls should work or not after marriage, given below are pros and cons in respect to girls working after marriage-


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  • When girls decide to work after marriage in Oriya matrimony, it helps them earn their bread and butter by self and they feel pretty independent. In addition to this, working after marriage help girls feel more empowered and they are able to support their husbands for meeting domestic expenditures. This certainly helps lead a contented and satisfactory life.
  • Since when Oriya girl decides to work after marriage, they do not need to rely on their husbands for small needs and can afford their personal expenditures. This proves quite motivating and girls stay quite satisfied with themselves which certainly helps them become a better life partner.
  • Working women get better exposure and this helps them get a better understanding of the outside world and they feel quite competitive which helps them progress better in life. Also, these women become a better mother as they remain prepared for motherhood mentally and enjoy being a mother while giving their kids best wonderful care and education.
  • Working women will always stay positive when at the time of adversity in marriage and they are less likely to face domestic violence. They are able to solve differences with their husbands quite amicably and make sure that everything goes smoothly within the marriage.

Demerits associated with girls working after marriage

  • One of the biggest demerits of girls working even after their marriage is that they fail to cope up with dual responsibilities of both home and office and find it difficult to juggle their priorities. This takes a toll on their relationship and problems in marriage start to take place.
  • Another quite known drawback is that when girls decide to work after marriage, they sort of start giving importance to their professional life and start ignoring their personal objectives such a giving birth to a baby on time.
  • Since working women stay out of the home, they cannot devote time to the look after of their kids and it children suffers a lot due to this aspect. They spend most of their time in the nursery and at times pick bad habits which surely are not a positive sign.

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