When you decide to become an oriya housewife-merits and de merits

The big day is usually of two types, one when you are born and the other when you get married. There are many experiences in life which a person experiences only after getting married. Good food can be considered as one of the bonus is all most all the cases where a person gets married. The ladies know how to cook and in some cases, they win hearts by what they cook.

Kamma Wedding
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The women are hard to understand but, there are a few facts which will leave you amazed when it comes to describing them as a house wife, the picture is very clear below about how an Oriya women would be as a house wife, read below-

1 get Unlimited Good Food

The best part about dating and marrying women from Odia is that you have an unlimited supply of good food. From someone who belongs to the northern side of the country, where spicy food is appreciated and non-veg is pretty common, an Odia girl can add much more spice to your taste buds! The Oriya food is considered to be one of the finest cooked, decorated and prepared food in India. It has, however, gained popularity abroad too.

2 nothing Fishy

The women are absolutely warm and easy going when it comes to describing them. They are the love you will ever need in your life, dusky in appearance, don’t let yourself be convinced that they cannot carry western outfits. Probably beating the myth, they are far beautiful in real life. You would appreciate her beauty all your life. Coming back to the point, fresh fishes from the coast is something you would love to eat. People from Odia are die-hard fans of fish. They indeed, cook it in the best way possible.

3 Friendly and down to earth

The women not only are friendly in nature but, remain down to earth all the time. The typical Odia women would have a family of four including her and a brother. The brother too, remains of the same nature hence, adding ease to the marriage. The people are down to earth and sophisticated. Finding in-laws who are co-operative and loving is a gem box you will receive for the rest of your life.

Everything has a flip side so, let’s begin with the demerits of marrying Oriya women

1 she cannot adjust to new food

The cultural difference or call it a home shift, women cannot accept food from a different variety unless and until it’s not the only option left. This causes a lot of trouble in relationships however, two people can always talk about what to cook. Right?

2 calling her dusky would land you in trouble

Never compliment her sides which she knows aren’t true, brace yourself in order to face the most disastrous mood swing when it comes to her color. They know, how to embrace themselves in their natural color. Comparing her would also land you in a lot of trouble.

3 No lies, please

She will have an intuition if in case she figures out something is fishy, try remaining loyal else you might land yourself in a lot of trouble. Looking out for such women to marry? Check out Oriya matrimony sites and they would surely be of help.

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