When you become Brahmin housewife- Merits and demerits.

When you decide to become a Brahmin housewife, there are many merits and obviously a set of demerits as well.

Brahmin is that caste that comes and stands at the highest of the ranking of all the Hindu castes and also, there are many things that are associated with Brahmins, Hinduism, and marriages. Marriages in Brahmin households are considered to be the most vital thing that happens in one’s life. The families choose the bride very carefully. It is believed by the families that the responsibilities of the generations and the ancestral roles, too, rest with the choice of bride.


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The standards of the Brahmin matrimony bride are too high, coming with a set of merits and little of demerits as well. Well, everything has positive and negative, right? Here’s the list of the positive points that comes with the tag of ‘Brahmin housewife’-

  1. Brahmin housewife enjoys the best of dignity and respect in the house and family. The pure Brahmin households prefer their housewives to be groomed and perfectly dressed all the time, giving them utmost importance.
  2. The dishes- The Brahmin households are very much famous for the variety of vegetarian dishes they make. Even though the choice of dishes varies and evens the obsession too. But in general, the families give the bridegroom enough space to experiment a lot in the kitchen.
  3. In a typically strict Brahmin matrimony household, the housewives, and later mothers have the entire role to play in their child’s development, choice of education/dressing/upbringing and almost everything. Unlike many of other castes, mothers in Brahmin community have a different level of dignity. This is seen as the merit of being a Brahmin housewife.
  4. Brahmin housewives are spiritually and socially alert and active. They tend to have a lot of knowledge about their own selves, spiritually and physically. They tend to lead a strict, yet a pleasant life.

But, there are also demerits of being a Brahmin housewife-

  1. There are certain beliefs that few Brahmin women do not find suitable with the changing times. Many of the strict Brahmin households do not allow their housewives to work. They tend to believe that women are supposed to take care of spiritual, social and the rituals of the households, and not to go out and work.
  2. In the majority of the households, men are seen a little superior to women. Hence, the households prefer women who are a little less educated than the man counterpart. This might be the drawback, as the inferior- superior game is sometimes present in the household. Not all the households, but the majority of them do hold this.
  3. The Brahmin culture comes with a lot of rituals, fasts, and programs. The fasts happen almost every week in the majority of the households. Being the Brahmin wife, it is inevitable for the woman and hence she has to abide by all the strict rules of this culture, whether or not she likes it and whether or not they suit with the changing times.

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