Must haves for the wardrobe of a newlywed Marathi groom

In a wedding, bride and groom are the center of attraction. The guests cannot take their eyes off from them. When we talk about Indian weddings then there is no doubt that Marathi Matrimony is the simplest and the least affluent in the whole country. Marathi couple wears traditional and simple attires. The Maharashtrian groom wears options range from a dhoti and a kurta to a kurta pyjama or an elegant sherwani. The dresses are simple and the styles are consciously meticulous.


Marathi Couple


Marathi people are soft-natured. They have close family bonds that translate into beautiful and simple-styled wedding ceremonies. They are known for their traditions and are very rigid with the customs. Marathi Matrimony has some unique attires, customs and traditions which are not seen in any other culture. The weddings are very simple which are attended by their family and friends. These are not as thriftless as many other traditional Indian weddings are, yet they have an interestingly endogenous proclamation that needs to be experienced to be fully understood.

After marriage, they have to go to their relatives and for that they should have fascinating dresses, accessories etc. When they are going to their kins and friends, the bride and the groom should look appealing as they are the newlywed couple, everyone’s eyes will be on them.

Although the bride draws more attention but it does not mean that the groom can take his looks lightly. The newlywed groom should have an absolute wardrobe in which he has all the dresses and accessories which he can wear on the auspicious occasions.

Let us see what he should have in his wardrobe-


A Maharashtrian groom usually wears a dhoti kurta, which is the traditional outfit for Hindu ceremonies. It comprises a long shirt or kurta and loose-fitting, pleated pants called dhoti. This outfit can be made of material ranging from cotton to silk, but Maharashtrians opt a plain, cotton-blend that is embroidered with gold or silver designs. Apart from that, suits and casual wears must be there in the wardrobe.

He can also wear some modern or western outfits. He can have some ethnic and trendy blazers in his wardrobe. With blazers, he can wear trousers or jeans which will make him look smart and enchanting.


The newlywed groom can also embellish gold jewelry like ring, chain, bracelet that is passed down from his forefathers or gifted from any relatives.


If the newlywed Marathi groom is going to a wedding or any ceremony and wears any traditional dress then he can wear a piece of decorated cloth across his shoulder. It is commonly red or gold to stand out against his white outfit. This is one of the most important accessories that a newlywed groom should have.

He should have ties and cufflinks of different shades and styles which he can wear according to his blazer and shirt. Apart from this, he should have sporty and chain watches to wear with casual and formals.

This is well said that a good fragrance add a positive mark in your personality. So, deodorants and perfumes of his favorite fragrance are also required in his wardrobe.


A good collection of footwear is also required because different dresses need different footwear to complete the look. Traditional Jutis, Shoes, Boots and slippers must be there in his wardrobe.

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