India is a country of many languages, religions, traditions and rituals. However, religion has always been a very sensitive issue in India and so are its traditions. People may become modern and technologically advanced but, still, they do not want to compromise with their rituals and traditions. Patrika matching is one such ritual which plays an important role in uniting two families in a bond called marriage.

Even today, people intend to follow the traditions which were followed by their ancestors. Some traditions are considered very serious and matching patrika to find the right bride/ groom is an inevitable part of any marriage. Nobody knew about their future or what is going to happen the next moment but, still patrikas play an important part in depicting future. It is believed that pairs are made in heaven and the heaven is in our patrikas that guide us to choose the right life partner.


Patrika matching


Choosing the right life partner

There is an endless debate between love marriage and arrange marriage but patrika has always been an important part of every kind of marriage. Families do not just match patrika to know the future but also to console their heart that they have done the right thing. Since this ritual is being carried by their great-great-grandparents, they have to follow it. In most of the cases, arrange marriages have shown the highest relevance of patrika matching which has turned out to be right and wrong in some cases. The bride and groom are being forced to accept what their patrika is saying about their future husband/ wife without considering the fact that they like each other.

Patrika predictions- right or wrong

There are thousands of cases of arranging marriages which did not go the way they were predicted by the patrika (as said by the patrika readers). It is just in the head of the people that everything will be good if the patrika says so. Nobody can predict the future, not even the patrika. There are people out there who do not believe in patrika and are living happily ever after. There are lot many things which are of great importance in a marriage but, still, families give relevance to patrika. Nobody can answer or guarantee that patrikas can be right at all the times or if something opposite happens, how are patrikas to be justified.

Patrika is just a part of the whole ritual called marriage. They should not be given utmost importance rather they should be used just for reference. Our ancestors have given us our value system and these rituals as assets and it is our duty to preserve them in our family. Although one should also consider other things in a bride/ groom like their personality, their talents, etc. and not just judge them on what the patrika says. The world around us is changing and so, we also have to adapt to the changes else we can affect our own lives in a negative manner.

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